Oh, good gravy.  I got up at 0630 this morning.  Jay awoke earlier to finish studying for his class today and had already had 2 cups of Starbucks coffee.

I like to start my day slowly and quietly.  He does neither.  But, when he’s got Starbucks in him, it’s 10 times worse.  (I don’t drink Starbucks, as I find it nasty.)

Top that off with the two littles getting into fights over silly things (“he put stickers in the wrong notebook”), and the headache starts.

Then, the older two awake.  Normally, they are fairly quiet in the morning; however, something must of crawled up their pants today as they were both louder than all get out.

It has just now reached the hour from waking point, and I’ve all ready headed to the Tylenol for “help”.


We got SNOW! yesterday.  Lots of it, too.  The good heavy kind that is perfect for making snowmen.  I think we have an entire family of them residing in our back yard right now.

 Uh-oh. . .

I was afraid of that.  Just checked our back yard and our little snow man family apparently were innocent casualties of war last night. 

Our older two and some neighborhood kids were in the midst of a furious snowball battle last night.  I’m sure there’s a lesson in that. . .you know of being “immobile”.

Too bad I didn’t get pictures of them. . . .

I did; however, get some pictures.  Let me see. . .

Sadly, I don’t have any of Drew.  He went out after I came in.  Because of his feet, he does not go out often or for long, but he did go out twice yesterday.

Tyler is in the background.  Garrett was starting work on a snowman.

Why is it the person with the camera is a favorite target?  I suspect it’s because it’s “me” and the temptation to pummell Mom without getting in trouble for it is great!

Mikhail was too busy to really let me get a shot, but he grudgingly allowed me to take this one.

Jay got off early (they called his class early so people could spread out the travel times and hopefully avoid accidents).  He had a blast with the boys outside.  They made this tunnel that they could shoot through on their sleds (on their bellies), and that was terrific fun!


 I guess I could call this year, “The Year of the Cross-Stitch Catastrophe“.

It was asked, so I will answer.

How did I ruin my (actually, Mikhail’s) Christmas stocking?

Okay, so the stitching was done, all I had left was to assemble the stocking.  Now, first you need to “block” your work.  (This is ironing your wet aida cloth until it becomes “firm” — like it would be right out of the package.)

Then, you have to add a backing to the backside of your stitching.  This is necessary as you don’t want little hands grabbing stuff out of their stocking with gusto and ripping the stitching out.

Now, I do this by ironing on “Heat ‘N’ Bond”.  It’s basically a sheet of glue that affixes fabric to any needlework (or any other fabric).  In my mind there’s an advantage to doing this, rather than simply stitching fabric on the back.  It not only protects the backside, but it “cements” the stitches from the front as well.  (If something were to get caught in the stitching at the front it would not pull out a whole row.)

Well, I was doing fine; but my first sheet of “Heat ‘N’ Bond” was bad (I think the heat from summer time caused it to go bad.)  So, I had to get another sheet and cut it to size.

For some unfathomable reason, after cutting it to size, I flipped my stitching from back to front and promptly ironed that puppy on the FRONT side!  Thus ruining the entire work.

But, here is where I currently stand with the new stitching.  As I said, I normally work from darkest to lightest colors.  However, I kind of wasn’t in the mood to start with black as it was so far off center, so I started with the next darkest color.  (I’ll go to black next.)


You can “see” it already coming together can’t you??? 

NO????!!!  What, are you blind?

Okay, see that almost triangle thingy, just right of center?  That’s a tree.  And in the finished work, its’ the tree to the right of the bridge.

Ahh, now you’re “seeing” it, aren’t you? (Stop squinting, it’s bad for your eyes!)

Yeah, that’s all right, I know I’m loony. . . My life is composed of a fabric of x’s.  (not a box of chocolates)


I need to dash, as Drew has a follow-up on his feet.  And I have birthday gifts to pick out!

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3 comments on “SHHHHH!

  1. Oh man alive — that sounds like something I would do… iron the glue to the wrong side. I’m still very sorry!!

    But I admire you for being a righteous person and getting up again! Keep on keeping on — don’t be defeated!!

  2. Sunshine says:

    Just so you know, I just read this out loud to my friend, and she says you ARE funny, and you definitely DO need to write a book! So there! 😛 Oh, and she said, “So get busy workin’ on it!”

  3. Anne M. says:

    AWW! But keep your head up and try to stay positive! =)

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