“Bigger” than MLK day

At least in my opinion!

Today is Mikhail’s 5th birthday!

ETA:  I don’t like the way this written, need to come back.

He was born in England. . .he did NOT want to come out into this world.  I went over my due date by well over 2 weeks.

England isn’t near as concerned about that as the US.  I had to beg and plead for them to induce me, and they finally agreed to it.

I was in the hospital 2 days before the induction “took”.  (Because they like trying milder forms of induction, before getting to the meat of it.)

He was my only induced baby.

I have a “condition” that requires an epidural.

I’m a wimp!

No, actually, I do have something that occurs after the actual delivery that they want me on meds for, but that’s a tale for a different day  (but I am a wimp).

So, after much pain, I was put on an epidural (like 15 minutes after “labor” started) and given a delivery room and assigned my delivery midwife.

She chatted with me about how us Americans were such wimps when it came to labor.  I agreed, and went back to happily writing my birth announcments out, simply waiting for the little one to come and announce to me what I needed to put in the blank spaces.

Then she proceeded to tell me that she’d had 4 kids without pains meds.

I told her I was terribly impressed and pulled out my Skip*Bo cards to begin a game with Jay who had just come in.

She took one last look at me in all my blissful comfort and muttered something to the effect of “these Yanks are on to something“.

There were a number of ladies giving birth that day.

One poor British gal (young girl of like 17) was really having a time of it.  (You know, because she wasn’t using any drugs.)  She had me so scared I wanted to leave!

She had all the midwives rush to her side because it was taking her so long.  She finally got her babe out, healthy as can be. . . and LITTLE.  I think it was less than 6 pounds my widwife told me.

My last baby was in the 9 pound range.

Finally, the midwife told us it was almost time.  She looked at Jay and told him if he wanted “tea” (their word for supper, at least in our corner of England) he’d need to rush and get it at the cafeteria.

She should have defined “rush”.  Jay is a very slow eater.

After he left she took another look and told me she was off to eat her “tea”.

I’m telling you the moment she left, for the first time in my life, I finally understood what people meant when they said, “you’ll know it’s time to push”.

My epidural wore off!

No midwife, no husband and BIG PAIN.

I’m sitting there trying desperately to hold everything in; while my body is screaming at me “it’s time to push”.

You know, honestly, I truly believe I could have delivered the babe without any meds at that point.  It was so obviously time that I kept thinking, to get rid of this pain, I can do it, no problem.  (But again, remembering what occurs afterwards. . .)

The midwife came back, took one look at me, and then started looking for Jay.

When I explained he’s a slow eater. . . .lots of “tuts”. . . she got the head mid-wife and they had a quickie consultation and then my epidural was upped.

Jay walks in about 2 minutes after it starts taking effect.

Mikhail came in the world about 10 minutes after that.

And that darn epidural didn’t wear off till almost 6-7 hours later!

We had a rough first night together.  We were placed in a full ward.  Twenty other women with all their babes.  That poor girl that had such a rough time of it, was in my ward and she was NOT happy, so her parents were allowed in to help her and her baby through the night.

All I kept thinking was that Jay would come and “save us” at 0700 (the earliest we could be discharged).

That goober didn’t come till almost 11!  He had decided to make the boys breakfast before coming. . .

Told you he eats slow!

And that’s how Mikhail was introduced to the world.

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3 comments on ““Bigger” than MLK day

  1. alasandra says:

    Well I had both of my boys without medication, but the first one came so fast I barely got to the hospital before he popped out. I was actually in transition when I finally woke up and told hubby we needed to go to the hospital.

    Luckily we got a private room, so Hubby could stay with me and baby.

  2. Sunshine says:

    He eats slow?! He eats slow!!!!!??????? How in Hades can he be in the military and eat slow??????!!!!!! You know when my eating finally slowed down? When I went raw! So yeah, I finally slowed down just over a year ago. WTF? (what the fruit?) How on God’s green earth can he be a slow eater. Yes, I’m hung up on that part just a little.

  3. Sunshine says:

    Oh, and Happy Birthday lil’ man! 😀

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