Well, I finally got the speech written.

It’s “short” (2 pages or ~ 3 mins. to read)

and “sweet” (I managed not to verbally bludgeon anyone).

Mrs H, my children, and Jay all were kind enough to listen / read and add their constructive criticism. . .

When I was writing my final copy last night, I had Jay read it with the instructions that he had to read it through before offering any editing suggestions. . .

He was all ready typing “corrections” in the first paragraph. . .

(I erased them allHe was getting terribly wordy. . .)  Did keep some of his word change ideas, but he was adding whole paragraphs.  (And he’s used to writing for the military. . .which makes for an incredibly boring read.)

Jay gave me a “present” this morning:

(3 cats and a dog. . .)

and after asking if I was going to pick up groceries after this Senate hearing, wished me luck. . .

I have to say, food is the last thing on my mind today, even though our cupboards are bare.

For the record, I’m terrified. 


I went to all my favorite blogs.  I was looking for a laugh, but everyone I know seems to be in the midst of or on the other side of a cold.

Went to my aunt’s blog.  Her’s are very relaxing.  I go there almost every mid-day when I think I’m going to pull out my hair if I get one more algebra / science / grammar question or am fed up with refereeing.

She has a beautiful female cardinal posted. . .

I “killed” one of those once. 

In WV, where I grew up. 

It’s the state bird of WV. 

I was in a constant state of fear that the authorities would come down and charge me with birdie manslaughter.

Actually, I had found it, on a hill.  All these other big cardinals were swooping down and attacking this poor little birdie.  Pecking it, grabbing at it with their “feet”.

So, I shooed them all away and picked up the bird, and brought it home.  My poor mother. . .

She told me I could keep it outside in the dog house (we didn’t have a dog any longer).  I remember finding worms, then using a cutting board and one of mom’s knives to cut the worm up into little itty-bitty bits, so I could suck it up in an eye-dropper and then feed the injured bird.

Did I mention, “my poor mother”Sorry, about that mom.  I don’t recall if I even cleaned up after myself (probably didn’t).  So, if you had to clean up worm guts off your knife and cutting board. . . I apologize.

I think the bird lived a day or so, but then died.  I don’t know if it was lack of food (finding worms and chopping them up, was not really “my thing”), or if it was the nighttime freeze that killed it. . .


I need to get off and get ready for this Senate hearing.

I’m hoping it goes better than the whole birdie episode.


3 comments on “THE Day

  1. Sharon says:

    Hmmm, worm guts….that’s an excellent way to begin the day.

  2. Sarah F. says:

    I’m praying for you this morning Sweetie. You are doing this for all the right reasons. I know you have prayed and are ready in your heart. God will give you the strength you need to glorify him.

  3. Sunshine says:

    (((((((((Christine)))))))))))))), I’d have gone with you for morale support and to testify with you if I could’ve.

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