My big guys are at youth group.

Jay is downstairs stripping his wheels (not only do I not have a clue as to what he means by that, I don’t care to know).

The little guys are in the living room playing Mancala.


And, when it’s not their turn, they get up and boogy to the music on the stereo.

I’m not 100% sure if they are taking turns playing. . .or dancing.


I talked about my lack of organization earlier.  Discussed my plan to use the daily planner to get myself organized. . .

Well, then this Senate ordeal presented itself, and totally threw that all out of wack.

So, I’m going to try and restart it tomorrow.

The good news is, I have nowhere to go tomorrow!

The bad news is, I’ve all this work that I’ve let slide since finding out about the Senate hearing. . .


Kind of along the same vein, I alluded to the fact, this morning, that I’ve let school slip by this past week.

That was really brought home to me, when I went upstairs to find Tyler standing in front of the white board and both little guys in their desks and he was drilling them on their letters and numbers.

“You’ve been too busy this week to work with them, Mom.  I didn’t want them to forget anything.”

Yes, definately need to get hold of the reins again.


I was prepping dinner in my teeny-tiny kitchen tonight, bemoaning that fact to myself, when it dawned on me that I just need to “adapt and overcome”.

Since we’ve moved to this house with the teeny-weeny kitchen, I’ve given up so much. 

Baking, for one.  I love baking.  But, I haven’t really been doing it, as I can’t stand being in the itsy-bitsy kitchen. 

Cooking with the boys for another.  (There really isn’t enough room for 2 people in there.)  I REALLY miss that.  I tell you, some of the best conversations / times I’ve had with my kids were in the kitchen while we were making something together.

I brought this up at the table, and Drew immediately piped up with,

“I definately miss the cookies!”

Yes, me too. . .

Maybe I’ll make some tomorrow while I’m working on regaining control of my life and our school. . .

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One comment on “control

  1. monkeyschool says:

    I’ve been catching up on the week’s posts and I can’t even express how alike our lives are at the present moment. I am going through the same organizational chaos, the slipping, the procrastination, scheduling, etc etc etc….. Also, just this past week I started tackling lapbooks (we had done one in the past and it didn’t work for me as I wanted it to) but considering the techniques for notebooking instead. You will have to share more about the conference and tell in more detail about the lapbooking/notebooking. I am working my way through setting up a 3-ring binder to use as our notebooking base and making samples of all the folds again so we have them as reference.

    Maybe we can help keep each other on track in the organizational/scheduling areas 😉

    You’re doing an awesome job no matter what!

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