The day after

I can honestly say, I’ve never had a hang-over before in my life. . . I don’t have one now, but the headache I have feels like what I’ve heard described.

Actually, this headache is in day 3 of it’s progression.  I think I may call the doctor regarding this one.

hmmm, don’t have a clue what to talk about:

Well, we can add politician and spokesperson to the list of things I DON’T want to be when I grow up. I managed to not throw-up (didn’t eat anything, so that may have helped), or pass-out (the not eating probably didn’t help that).  

I met the HSLDA rep.  He was a nice guy.  (And, pssst, he’s also the husband of Tapestry of Grace‘s Founder.)  He talks in “imagery”.  I totally GET that!  So we talked about “airports” (getting husbands involved in their family’s hsing) and “driving” (keeping them involved without having them take over) and some other things.  (We had a long wait from the time we had to be there to the time it actually started.  He was the only one that stuck around.) 

Oh, and we talked about the Senate hearing as well. 

He liked my speech (he asked to see it beforehand). . . at least till I went to read it.

I think, someone may have read my blog after all. . .As I was sitting in the hearing room, I realized I had two of the Senator’s aides sitting on either side of me.  I wonder if they were there to prevent me from running away. 

There were 4 other families there, all in favor of the bill.   

IN FACT, there was another lady there who has a child with verbal apraxia!  I was blown away by that.  He must be about Garrett’s age too, as she has him enrolled in K (so he can receive services). 

There was a lawyer dude there for 24 Board of Education districts against the bill. . .  (I don’t get that as some school districts currently do allow special needs kids to get services.)

So, anyway. . .I’ll attach my speech, if you want to read itSenate Testimony

When I went up to testify, I was called up at the same time as 2 other families and Mr. HSLDA rep (don’t want to give his name).  (Only the first family was called up individually.) Of the group, I went first.  

So, I start. . .then totally wig out because I’m hearing my voice OVER me.  The speakers are in the ceiling.  However, I held my composure. . .till I realized the voice I was hearing, was wavering. 

BREATHE, Christine!  

Okay, did that. . .oh yes, they are all looking at you because you’re supposed to be talking! 

Keep going. . . Why are they looking at me that way????  Great. . .  just keep reading (should have thought of “Nemo”, may have done better) 

Voice is still shaking. . . Mr. HSLDA man is sitting beside me, just nodding away. . .

Get control of voice! 

Phooey with it. . .I’ve lost it. . . just don’t cry, you can do it. . . just don’t cry 

ACK! don’t think about the face Jay says you make when you’re about to cry. 

Oh, good gracious, just read the bloomin’ paper. . .  

Whew!  done! 

Madame Chairperson is up there munching on Fritos and drinking Sprite. . . I’m starving

She says we need to keep our time short, and reminds us that the Senate unanimously voted for the bill last year.  The egg timer (3 min.) she has in front of her and flipped when I started my speech, still has sand in the top. . . 

NO one asked me questions! I think they were just as afraid as I that I would “blow”. 

The others spoke. . .their voices didn’t quaver at all.  But, I didn’t know where to look when they were speaking.  Should I look at them and make them nervous?  I just didn’t know. . . So, I stared at the vice-chairperson. 

In fact, I had a stare-down with him (though he may not have realized it).  He flinched first.  Probably my only “victory” of the day.  (Probably terribly rude on my part too.) 

The congressman sponsoring the bill on the House side was there, I think I saw him cross my name off the testimony list as I walked by (at least I hope he did). 

I parked at a “park and ride”. . .but I walked, both ways.  It was a nice day, if a bit cold, but it was good for my nerves.  I’m feeling it today though. 

I am still “de-stressing”. . . This whole testimony thing has completely thrown our school for a loop this week!  I need to get control over my life again. . . 

I’ll start by going grocery shopping 


One comment on “The day after

  1. Sarah F. says:

    I completely understand the nerves thing. You did a great job. I’m proud of you.

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