one of my hidden talents

Even I had forgotten about this one.

We were doing a picture study,

 “African Elephants” by Charles Tournemine:

for “E”.

One of the questions is:  “What kinds of sounds would you hear if you were in this scene?”

I can make the trumpet call of an elephant!

I know, you are highly impressed!

And, I’m betting you want to know how to do it as well, because, honestly it’s a good skill to have.

Don’t believe me?  Ask my now highly entertained munchkins.

So, I shall give it a go in instructing you in this highly sought after skill.

First, open your mouth slightly.

Curl your lips tight over your teeth (top and bottom) (imagine a toothless person).

Press lips tight together.

Now, blow out your mouth.  (If you are spitting all over the computer screen, you’re wrong.  TIGHTLY together. . .)  And it helps if you are kind of smiling when you do this; as opposed to puckering your lips.

hee hee, you look so funny!

Ah, but that’s okay, it only adds to the whole experience.

So, were you able to make the elephant’s trumpet call? 

It may take practice, and I would not recomend little people doing this, as once they discover the whole spitting thing, they are perfectly content to “stay” at that phase and “claim” they are “practicing”.

Oh, and if you start feeling light-headed, I would recommend you stop.

Husbands tend to be highly impressed with this skill as well, but they pop off with some really lame jokes that aren’t necessarily funny. . .or they start behaving like a chimpanzee or gorilla.

Why is it all men do thatMaybe it’s just my man. . .


Oh, and by the way, if you attempted this, you HAVE GOT to let us know!  (It’s only right, after all.)

2 comments on “one of my hidden talents

  1. Sarah F. says:

    Yes I attempted it, until you “caught” me…then I was giggling so hard I couldn’t make it work.

  2. Sunshine says:

    I already knew how to do this, but it was fun doing it again anyway. And no, it’s not just your man! 😉

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