back. . .

Okay, I did two more “modules” in the chemistry schedule (that’s 4 weeks worth).  I have 9 more modules to go. . .

It is so incredibly tedious!

All the words started to get blurry, so I went ahead and worked on a bit of my Bible study that I’m doing (which I’m also working into a schedule for the little guys).

I’ve hit my limit on that now too. . .

So, I’m off to watch some sci-fi (‘cuz I like it).

However, I don’t want to feel guilty, so I’m going to work on the cross-stitch stocking, that I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing about. . .(you’ve only got 1 year to go).

See!  Look at that, I will have worked on 3 projects today.  Not that I will get a single one of them completed today, but I made (will make) progress in each of them.

I realize that this week, won’t work so nice. . .

baby steps, right?

I’m hoping to be able to finish those 9 modules this week; however, that may be too great a task.  I will give it a go though.

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One comment on “back. . .

  1. Sunshine says:

    You’re doing better than me chica! Not that that’s saying a whole lot (it doesn’t take much to do better than me these days).

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