Need to do these more often!

I went to a homeschool workshop today with Mrs. H.

We had a fantastic time, I can not tell you!

Maybe I should just talk for myself. . .

Well, I can tell you bits:


HA, ha! 


I started that last night; however, my computer froze up, so I gave up the ghost and went to bed.  It’s now Sunday.


Let’s see. . .

We went to a lapbook workshop (I’d say who presented, but it would give too much away at this point. . . will need to put it in later).

Now, as you all know, I’m not keen on lapbooks.  So, why would I go to a lapbook workshop?

Well, it’s ‘cuz you can use it for notebooks pagesHowever, after seeing the marvelous demo lapbooks there, I keep finding myself thinking of how I could make it work. . .

It was wonderful being around other homeschool moms that were excited and energized.

I wonder if they were “energized” or just able to put their energy towards something other than their kids. . .which made them appear “energized”.  That’s how I felt.

Mrs. H and I would stop talking to each other only to listen to others talk:  the instructor, or the other ladies when we were eavesdropping on their ideas.

I tell you, some ladies have brilliant ideas!  And we aren’t just talking about lapbooking here, because during the breaks they would be talking about hairbrushes and scissors (and what do they have in common????), kids, meals, etc.

Just a treasure trove!

By they way, I’m told hairbrushes and scissors have a tendency to not be where they belong. . .”We” don’t use hairbrushes (there’s one in my bathroom, but no-one ever thinks to take it away), and I have scissors everywhere. . .


Oh, but I came home, and everyone but Drew was gone ice skating.  (He now avoids ice skating because of his feet which is a true shame as he used to love it so.)  Dinner was almost done (in the crockpot).  Life was good.

Even better, after dinner and the kids were down for bed (little guys. . .big guys were trying to download music from Napster. . .which is probably why my ‘puter froze up), Jay listened to me go on and on about it.

AND he was actually interested!  In fact, in all seriousness, he asked me how I thought he could apply it to his next biology course (anatomy and physiology).


Now, my brain is still a bit overloaded, but it’s starting to sift and strain. . .  I’m all ready starting to formulate ideas and plans

However, today, after church, I will have to work on the Chemistry schedule as Drew just finished all that I had previously scheduled, and he needs a schedule for next week.

But, I’m guessing I will be back on before I actually start it. . .you know, because I procrastinate so well.  Plus, I have ideas that I want to spill. . .in no particular order you know.

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One comment on “Need to do these more often!

  1. Sunshine says:

    Sounds like you had a great time. Good for you! 😀

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