Sunday afternoon. . .procrastination again

We have finally found a church we can agree on.

That’s really saying something!

Being military and moving frequently is a big pain in the rear to finding churches.

I think I’ve mentioned how it takes me at least 2 years to move into a place. . .Half the time we don’t find a church.

But, we finally found one that Jay and I agree on.

The boys all think it could be better. . .but they are “o.k.” with it.  (Based on what they tell me, I see that they miss a little more organization than what they feel they are getting.  HA! and we homeschoolers feel we live in chaos!)

The preacher at this church can get a bit “long-winded”, which, while Jay doesn’t seem to appreciate that quality in me, he deems it as a great quality in a minister.  Yet, more importantly, the man has the ability to make the message applicable to your life.

Let me tell you this is a gift!  I found it more often true than not, that the person up front is “just talking to hear themselves speak”, or at least that’s what you come away feeling. 



 hmmm, I was going somewhere with this. . .


The chemistry book that needs to be scheduled and is “looking” reproachful reminded me.


So, if you’ve read a sampling of my blogs, I believe you would find a few common themes amongst them.

  1. My family is everything to me, though they drive me batty
  2. I always feel I’m disorganized
  3. I AM the Procrastinator Extraordinaire!

That’s funny, as “P.E.” is not really my “thing”. . .one of the reasons I left the military. . .

Egads!  I sidetracked myself again! 


The preacher!

Yes, that’s it. . .he was talking about how we frequently “know” what God wants us to do , but we have a nasty tendency to walk away from it. 

This kind of struck me as your “conscience” 

— sing it with me,

“and always let your conscience be your guide. . .” (Jimminy Cricky in Pinocchio)

By doing this (walking away from what we know /believe to be the right path) we in fact find ourselves going backwards in our life.

Yep, that’s where I feel right now.  (WHEW!  finally got to the point!)

I have this chemistry book to finish scheduling, R&S grammar to schedule, papers to grade, more sciences to schedule, some maths, entire history unit studies. . .

On top of that, I want to run a better household.  I want to reserve time for Drew to “mentor” him (I don’t dare call it “teach” as he’s a teen, and he’ll tell you he’s smarter than I.)  I need other times reserved for instructing each of the other 3.

Need to reserve time, daily, for Jay as well. . .

I want time for me!!!


And that’s part of the problem!  I see the number of things that need to be done.  And it’s overwhelming. . . so I tend to procrastinate. . .and by procrastinating things aren’t getting done. . . which means the list isn’t decreasing in size. . .(and we all know that it’s increasing.)

Do you see the little nasty circle?!  

So, I’m ADMITTING to you, I am the cause of that circle! (of my own “backwards path”)

Me, Myself and I.  The “unholy” trio. . .

There’s probably a plan of steps. . .

  1. admission
  2. . . .

OH! forget it, that’s a whole ‘nother list!

So, here’s another song for you. . .

just put one foot in front of the other. . .” (The Winter Warlock in “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”)

. . .she sings as she signs off to diligently work on the Chemistry schedule.

(Oh, and let’s remember the Winter Warlock become “good” while singing this song.)

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One comment on “Sunday afternoon. . .procrastination again

  1. Sunshine says:

    I bet I beat you in the procrastinator realm. Just ask me about the book. You know the one I have to re-read and re-find, and re-resume all the research for, let along write. Or about getting my podcasts on ITunes. Or getting my new site up and worked on. Or finishing the site I already have. Or the e-books. Or………. ugh, I just gave myself a headache! 😦

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