found it!

And, I didn’t have to clean and organize my whole house to do so!

Course, by the time I found it, I couldn’t recall why I needed it so badly. . .

The kids tell me I have “oldtimers”.  (When the older two were younger, that’s what they really thought “alzheimers” was.)

I did finally remember what I needed it for. . .and if I can remember either tomorrow or Thurs. I’ll be doing mighty fine.

Jay had his first anatomy college class last night.

NUTS!  forgot something else, just a sec. . .

I told Jay, I had a coloring book that he might like for his class. . .He thinks I’m nuts, but I’m betting he’ll appreciate it (not that he likes coloring).

Ah, see, he just came down from reading stories to the little guys, and just picked it up and is now oohing and ahhing, and truly impressed with the detail.


OH!  Funny!

Last night in his class. . .

sorry, don’t mean to be so erratic

First off, I should tell you he came home in an absolute tizzy.  He said his professor told him right at the get go that he had ADD, and taking medication for it.

Jay, then told me if I thought teaching an ADD kid hard then, try learning from one!  He said the prof. was all over the place.  He heard over half the class say they were dropping and would try to switch to a different teacher it was so bad.

So, first they had the lecture, then headed to lab.

It sounds as if about 6 people sat at a lab table together.  All of them were whispering about the professor and how “spazzy” he was.  One of the ladies jokingly asked Jay if he was going to tell me to take the kids and leave for the rest of the semester.

He laughed and told her,

“No, she homeschools all 4 boys.  I’m supposed to be the sane one.”

hee, hee.  I found that funny.


Geez, I’m loopy tonight, I apologize.

So, the boys are working on “seasons”, right now.  (Why I wanted the aforementioned book was for some “winter” poems.)

I have mentioned how the boys just love stickers, right?

Well, I went to the handy-dandy Walmart and in their scrapbook area, they had these cheap-o collections, that was perfectly marvelous.  A set of dimensional stickers, some rub-on decals, and then some standard stickers.

So, we made our first little booklet gizmo (I need to come up with a name for this because I’ve been told that “foldable” is copyrighted — or trademarked, whatever. . .)

Now, I have to say, one learns from experience, and I can now say with a good deal of experience (in this one little instance) that an “envelope fold” would have been much better suited for this project.

However, live and learn. . .

this is what I came up with:

The “innards” are the rub-on decals, which were rather difficult for the little guys to do (though they gave it a solid effort).  However, it was trying enough, that I thought we would just do the insides as we hit each new season, so we only have winter done.

And see, had we done the envelope fold we probably wouldn’t have had to turn the winter sticker sideways (making our trees look like freaky polka-dotted arrows). *sigh*

The boys are all impressed with their stickers though, and very excited about the whole project.

I don’t like “embellishment” — I mean as a substitute name for  the “f” word above.  Anyone have any good ideas?


expensive artsy-fartsy stuff (as Jay calls it)?

We could “go” military and give it an acronym:  “EAFS”.

Oh!  goodness.  I’m cracking myself up. . .

Can you imagine? 

“Hey, let me see your EAFS on that project.” 

Honestly, we need to give these a name!


Oh, and I think I came up with an idea for the “summer” tree topper.  I was looking for some four season poems (before I found my book) and my search turned up a number of “four season quilt” entries.


Methinks I’ll grab a bunch of little green quilt scraps that they sell (those little bundled squares, of varying shades and designs) and the boys can cut and paste those as leaves on the tree.

Now, I just need something for autumn (have a while till we get there of course, but I like to have ideas in my head).


One comment on “found it!

  1. Sunshine says:

    You are a riot! 😀 See, and you even know it! 😛

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