The plan. . .the aggravation

I don’t know that I’ve ever actually “spelled” this out.

“We” have a plan.  (that would be Jay. . .I’m just along for the ride)

So, in approximately 18-19 months he plans to “retire” after 20 years from the military.

He then wishes to get accepted into the nursing program (2 years).  He’s taking the pre-reqs for the nursing program now.

Then, he imagines he’ll work perfectly happy as a nurse as he won’t have to deal with all the paperwork and “political crap” (people vying for better positions and what not) that he has to deal with in the Army.

Okay, all of you out in the “real world” can stop sniggering at the last statement.  He truly believes this is how it will be

Now, when he “retires” (I keep putting it in quotes, as it’s not a “retirement” like I once understood it — you know, in your 50s or 60s), we will receive his retirement pay.  It’ll be about 1/3 of his current take home.

This is the part of the ride where you’ve just clanked up the humongous hill and suddenly drop down feeling your stomach and heart “reach for the sky”.

We live on approximately 3/4 of his income now. . .and we aren’t “loose” with our money.  Trying to save a lot for when he’s out of a job, you know, to make up the difference between 1/3 and 3/4.

HA!  Drew is down here (he’s my math whiz).  He says it’s a 5/12 difference.  (Thankfully, I got the same answer, but I was afraid I might be wrong and I didn’t want to appear foolish on here.)

Good News!  His GI Bill will cover the college expenses (tuition, books, and supplies) and probably gas to and fro as well.

That’s really neither here nor there.  It’s a nagging in the back of my mind, but I could always get a job while he’s working.

That and schooling the 4 boys. . . no problem.

Here’s the aggravation. . .

Have any of you heard of the “problem” many “medical” students (doctor, nurses, psychiatrists, etc.) have when they are studying medicine?

They become a touch hypochondriacal.


And please note that Jay is not even in the nursing program yet. . .

He JUST took his FIRST Anatomy / Physiology class on Mon. eve.

After his studies last night I am now supposed to be concerned with the onset of rickets in my family.

Because I don’t give my kids multi-vitamins anymore.

And I haven’t taken a “rickets immunization”.  (never mind that neither has he)

Then, I got accused of “turning into one of those wackos that abhores the medical profession”.

or some such thing

THIS from a man who has been keeping all the medicines (prescriptions)  and taking “as needed” from the 90’s that I finally threw out while he was deployed!

I thought I had gotten them all; however, this week I noticed a pill bottle out with a prescription fill date of 2004.  When I, innocently, asked where they came from he said he had them with him while he was deployed (along with a couple of other items).

Speaking of which, I need to go through his medicine cabinet today and find those. . .


One of my friends called me yesterday and said she was going to “dime me out” here on my blog.

You know, inflation. . .it used to only be two cents. . .

Let me do it for her, so she can stop riding my back about it.

According to her, I am “highly organized”; and therefore, I’ve been lying to you all this time when I keep telling you I’m disorganized.

Her reasoning for this is my schedules.  (As only a “truly organized person” would put these together.)  And the fact that she dropped by my house “unannounced”.  (I knew she was coming as I was on the phone with her giving her directions, but that was the length of time I had for warning.)

Okay, first off, she was “buzzing” from lack of sleep and adrenaline (she had taken a week long workshop and was driving back home) when she dropped by, and she was inside my house all of 5 minutes (taking the “grand tour”).

Like she’s going to notice a lot in that time!

Secondly, just because I’m working toward organization does not mean I’m there yet.

Finally, do you see the above plan????  Maybe the bit about working and schooling the kids at the same time.

Don’ you agree that I have to be uber-organized by then?

(Yeah, you all are impressed that I borrowed my teen’s word “uber”.  I’m so hiP.)

So, I will repeat myself.

Organization, or lack thereof, is a highly relative term.

I have been organized before. . .I am not near to that level now.

I AM NOT lying!


Speaking of which, I am once again behind in my day, and Tyler is still not up, and I’ve lost my control journal AGAIN. . .

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One comment on “The plan. . .the aggravation

  1. Sunshine says:

    She paints such a picture folks, doesn’t she? I was NOT suffering from lack of sleep. The only thing really out of place when I went there (and the short notice was HER fault, I had no plans on stopping, just driving, and SHE said I was close by her house, so I should drop by, AND I was less than 10 minutes away for notice), were books in the schoolroom that she was currently sorting through, and the smaller boys bedroom (and ALL of us who’ve EVER had small boys close in age in the same room at any given point- KNOW that we’re fighting an uphill battle). THAT WAS IT!

    Okay, how many of the rest of us can say that we’d be cool with 10 minutes notice and have that be all that’s out of place I ask you? I know I couldn’t! So, Miss Christine, embellishments aside, you are still misleading us lil’ sheep out here. Give it up. Own it and be proud. You ARE organized. And, it’s not JUST your schedules that made me say that! 😀 😀 😛

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