Day 1 of “Operation Clean Slate” is counted a “success”.

I managed to get all the finances complete, including taxes, also have a better idea of our monthly budget.

Completed the Rod and Staff 8 schedule and put it up on my schedules page.

Managed to get some of the paperwork organized. . .need to actually start putting it away now.

Also, did a bit of school work with the “littles”.

Even though I was brain fried, I managed to get a little bit of work done on my cross stitch last night.

Oh, and my eyebrows are neatly groomed.

This morning I woke up with Jay at 0500.  It wasn’t planned, but I had a lot weighing on my mind, so I went ahead and got up.

Did some sit-ups because my back was hurting.

Was VERY happy to note that I could actually still do sit-ups!

Will probably do a couple of more sets of sit-ups today as my back is still a bit tender.

So, today. . .

This Chemistry book is sitting right beside me.

I harbor ill feelings toward this book.  (I wonder how much of it is due to my own experience with Chemistry in school?)

Let’s see, I have 9 modules (chapters) remaining to schedule.  Each module takes AT LEAST 1 hour to schedule.

It’s 0730 right now.

That means, if I were to start right now, and work straight through, WITHOUT interruption (HA!), I’d be done with the book by 5 pm (or thereabouts).

I’d also be brain dead / numb.

However, tonight is pizza and movie night, so I wouldn’t feel bad at all about ordering carryout.

We are going to watch Bourne Ultimatum; the kids are going to watch a more “family friendly” show earlier.

So. . .I guess that’s the current plan of attack for the day.  We shall see how well I stick to it.


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