Sat. mid-day

I know, you are probaby annoyed with all the little updates, but it’s helping keep  me on track.

The butter, for cookies is “softening” as I type.  Jay is taking the little ones for a bike ride around the neighborhood before he gets back to his studies.

He’s really been hitting the books for this course.  Almost every spare moment is spent studying. . .

I collected the Pathway readers from Mrs. H to peruse, and I’m quite happy with them.  I think I will use them for Garrett and Mikhail.

However, I had pulled out my McGuffey readers as well, and the boys were happily going through those.

(Maybe I’ll do both.)

Anway, after a quickie search on the ‘net, I can tell you Rainbow Resource is the best price bet; especially if you wanted the workbooks.  If you just wanted the readers, Book Peddler is the same price.  (Honestly, I’m not a big workbook person, but the teacher guides have the workbook pages – reduced in size – that you can take some questions from. . .)


Ooooh, but let me try a review!

Comparing First Steps (PR) to Pictoral Primer (McG)  (which I think is a “fair” comparison).

So, the Pictoral Primer starts out with a numer of words to learn (~ 25), then you go to the first lesson.  A picture of an ox, and 3 sentences to go with.  The sentences contain your spelling words:

“Is it an ox?
It is an ox.
It is my ox.”

Then, you have two other sections of similar design, not related to the ox.  Each subsequent lesson is on a different topic (ax, in – as in “inside” – pig, etc.)

Now, the First Steps starts out with a story the teacher reads to the students, “setting the scene”.  (Dad and son go to an auction and buy a horse.)

Then, the child has a bit to read about when the horse is brought home (and son is showing to daughter).  Again the spelling words are contained in the sentences.  The following lessons follow the same pattern and continue the story of this family.

Now, honestly, if you were starting to read, which would you rather go for???

Yep, I’m thinking Pathway.

I’ll have to look at the upper grades though (Mrs. H only gave me grade 1 to preview, though she has all the way through.)  I seem to recall in the upper books the McGuffey’s having really good stories and questions to go with.


I did manage to get Drew’s schedule for the remainder of the year all complete.

There was a scary moment though when I realized he was about ready to move into the next math book though.

Thank heavens, I had all ready scheduled that book!  I didn’t even remember doing it, but I checked and sure enough it was done.

This is Saxon Advanced Math.  I have schedules for Saxon 1-Advanced Math, but still haven’t recieved permission to post them on my blog.  It’s been over 3 months since I asked, and I was supposed to receive a response in 2 weeks.  Guess, I should harrass ask them again.

So, now I’m on to the history schedule with a break to make cookies before dinner.

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One comment on “Sat. mid-day

  1. Sharon says:

    We *love* Pathway Readers here. I have them up to 3rd grade. They are all wonderful! My children have learned so much. Some of the older books have stories about different animals; very nice science lesson, lol. Character lessons are woven in as well. They are read here *for fun*.

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