Sat. part 1

It’s after 8 a.m. and thus far only the older boys and myself are awake.

I gotta say, it’s nice and quiet!

It’s an absolutely gorgeous day outside.  I wish it were a bit warmer so I could open a window or two.

I’ve come to decide, my house stinks.

The stink of a winter cooped up with 3 cats, a dog, 5 males. . .

I, of course, don’t stink.

But, my house does, and I’d love to open it up.

Mikhail had an accident last night and peed in his bed, thus relegating him to our bed last night.  Jay was non too happy about that when he discovered him there a couple of hours later.

well then. . .

Mikhail just woke up, and guess what?

he left a “present” in our bed too!

The bummer is our bed doesn’t have a wet proof sheet on it.

Lots of laundry today. . .

You know, on that note, I’m going to stop here, and start a load and I’ll come back a bit later on.

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