final day operations

Well, rather divinely inspired or not, it occurred to me that this is “Operation Clean Slate” NOT “Operation Fill Your Plate”.

Thus, I have decided that I’m going “biological”.

I’m going to wage germ warfare, most likely committing numerous heinous atrocities, killing hundreds of thousands. . .millions even.

Yes, I’m going to clean the bathroom!

(This is probably going to get me pulled up on some “watch” list.  It’s a joke people!  And I’m allowed; nay, encouraged, to destroy all the little teeny-tiny organisms that are now residing in my bathroom.)

Okay, so my list will be:

  • clean bathroom / linens (germ warfare)
  • grade papers (torture tactics)
  • have little ones clean up all their stuff (sweeping the minefield)

AND then, and only if the above are completed, I will work on the history schedule.  (That may fall under torture tactics as well.)

The kids and I got ready for church early (we’ve got 30 minutes till we leave).  Jay is finishing his preparations.

I guess I’ll go ahead and pull the linens.

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One comment on “final day operations

  1. Sunshine says:

    You inspire me woman. You really do! 😀

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