Has this ever happened to you?

Your menfolk are all asleep in bed, and you are finishing your nightly routine of brushing your teeth.

thinking about the gazillion things that you need to do the next day, before 1pm when you have to run the 2 little guys to the doctor

and you go to brush your tongue, but because of your head being elsewhere you aren’t really paying attention

and in your “enthusiasm” you hit the dangly thing in the back of your throat

which sets your gag-reflex going

and you are sitting there gagging, trying to regain control

looking at the sink and realizing with a sinking feeling that you waged a biololocigal campaign in there earlier that day (cleaning)

(and there’s always the minute possibility of “chunks”)

so you turn to the toilet, because you still haven’t regained control

which is still very clean, because you threatened bodily harm to any male that might possibly suffer from an “innaccuracy of aim” issue

for which reason they’ve all been using the 1st floor bathroom

which has no heat

(and you aren’t certain, as you never go in that room because it’s so cold, but you may have to wait till Spring thaw to flush the toilet)

so, the toilet available to you is still sparkly clean and there’s the possibility of ricochet. . .

which would imply more cleaning

and suddenly you are able to regain control of your gagging.

Then, you hear this noise from the other room. . .

It appears that when the little guys were clearing their “minefield” they swept some objects under the bed.

like a little, red, plastic apple

that a certain frisky 9 month old male kitten has found and determined is a fantastic “soccer” ball

(it slides and tumbles on the wood floor of the bedrooms really well, making a marvelous racket as an added bonus)

and he’s thinking it’s a great game when “Mommy” comes in and “plays” on the opposing team

and he’s able to shoot that toy really well, and run after it extremely quickly

(and fit under beds)

and change rooms with said toy rather effortlessly

and he thinks that the “Mommy” cheated when, in the master bedroom where the “Daddy” was still peacefully sleeping, she got on the other side of the bed and USED HER HANDS to take it away.

So, has that ever happened to you?


Me neither     

Well, then. . .
I have to get moving and print off this week’s school schedules for everyone.
Then, I have to go over Drew’s schedule with him as he’s starting American Government.
A course by Thinkwell, whom I just received an email from last night and were kind enough to give me permission to post my schedule (which I’ll try to get up today).
The little guys, do indeed have a doctor’s appt. today. . .
We forgot to get our mail on Sat. so got it yesterday.  There was an evaluation report from “the institute” regarding Garrett’s speech.  (Finally!  after 2+ months)
It’s a happy coinky-dink that we have to go to the doctor today!
Oh, and as for Day 4 of “Operation Clean Slate”; like Day 3 it was full of positives and negatives. . .
I’m going to say, overall, it was a positive “operation”.

3 comments on “Has this ever happened to you?

  1. Sharon says:

    Interesting bed time routine you have. I no longer have a cat. But when I did have one, he played a similar game. He was never good at putting his toys away. Ouch!

  2. Sarah F. says:

    Completely understand the first part, but having never had a cat – and never wanting one – I’ll have to trust you on that one.

  3. Sunshine says:

    Nope, not me! 😉

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