I was looking for a picture of a paper fold, and I stumbled across this particular blog post.

It’s too awesome! 

Obviously requires me to share with you.


Be sure to note the rule at the top.


Still very busy. . .will get back here as I can.

Had a “blow-out” this evening.  I’ve been working on this one particular project off and on now *for-ever*, and I just want to get it done. . .and I was getting sick and tired of all the little interruptions.  The squabbles, the refereeing, the “help me with this Mom”, the fixing dinner, the cleaning. . .


Yep, that wasn’t pretty.

The boys scattered mighty quick. . .

I’m still probably only about 50-60% done.  The bit I finished (YES!  I just finished!) was the most time consuming, headache creating, “please don’t interrupt me as I’ll lose my place”, part; so I’m hoping the rest will go more smoothly.  I believe the rest can be done in 15 min. segments, but we shall see.

humph. . .watch me babble on when I’ve work to do. . .

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