a book

Okay,  if ya’ll are expecting a review of great contemporary literature. . . .you aren’t going to get it here!

I read every day, but usually to keep up with all that the boys are reading.  (Right now Drew is reading the Red Badge of Courage, Tyler a bit of poetry before moving on to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the little guys are at the Dr. Suess level.)

I don’t like Dr. Suess. . . However, one book I do like of his is Oh, the Places You’ll Go!  Yet, I still seriously dislike his illustrations.

Anywho. . .


 Click on the picture if you want more info. (opens in a new window).

Somehow, I was turned onto this book (it’s actually a series).  I thought I would give it a look-see and ordered just one (this particular one).  (No, my library doesn’t have them, or I would have gone through them.) 

This is a spectacular book!  The information is presented well; easily readable, engaging. 

The artistry is impressive!  Mikhail (one of my two resident artists), took the book and went off for almost 1/2 an hour looking at it.  (Remember, he’s 5. . . and the only other thing that will engage him for so long, independently, is looking at his Daddy’s car magazines.)

Jay took a look at it and was also highly impressed. 

Oh, but looky-here!  They also have a book on clocks and calendars.  HA!  The little guys and I are working on clocks and calendars right now. . .


In other “news”.

Just heard from a Saxon rep and they are okay with me posting my schedules here!  I know certain people are thrilled. . .

(Remember that page will be back up by the 11th of Feb.)

Oh, and the Congressman for the House bill (same as the Senate bill, just running concurrently, in an effort to pass it through) contacted me, asking if I want to testify.

NO!  Are they insane!?  I didn’t want to testify at the Senate, and after doing that I certainly don’t want to testify at the House!


I have to give this some serious thought. . . .


2 comments on “a book

  1. Sunshine says:

    You know I don’t want to tell you what you have to do, but you HAVE to testify. Whether you’ll ever admit it or not, you have a way about you that resonates well with people and gets things accomplished (don’t start using your own home as a contradictory example – our own families never fully appreciate how brilliant we are)! Please do it, not only for your children, but for other children like them for years to come. This is bigger than you and it’s bigger than them and YOU could make all the difference. I as a former resident of where you are THANK YOU for stepping up to make that difference. 😀

  2. Sunshine says:

    I like the book! 😀 I’ll tell ya, there are some days, that you make we wanna give up unschooling just so I can order books. Oh wait! I can STILL order books, that hasn’t changed! 😉

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