Do you ever get the feeling, that your life has suddenly been “roadblocked”?

There’s a “jam”, that you’re in the middle of?

Yep, that’s my life right now.

And I’ve been pondering it for a bit.  To be completely honest, I’m not liking my thoughts on the matter.

Because if I were to be completely truthful to myself, I would be the cause of my roadblock.

See, not a nice thought, hmmm?

So, I’ve modified it a bit. . .

It’s only a partial road block.  Like a single lane closed down on a highway. . .but in the direction you’re traveling in.

And roadblocks, though inconvenient, are generally a sign of progress (fixing a bad part in the road, so to speak).

See, I’m spinning it. . .

Oh, but you know how when you are traveling on this road and they put those handy dandy signs up, the ones that say “Right lane closed in 1 mile”  (and then proceeds to count down).

Suddenly there is a mass rush of incourteous drivers to the right lane in order to get ahead of all us who are already preparing to follow directions and get in the left lane.  And THEY are the ones that jam everything up because they are sitting impatiently at the blocked lane and will cut in front of anyone they possibly think they can, without too much damage, thus causing a massive backup in the left lane. . .

Did I just get myself off topic and go on a rant?

ummm, no, I didn’t. . . .keep with me. . . .

Okay, so you have the visual; 1 lane of 2 blocked, on a road with others, a jam created.

So, let’s go ahead and apply it to me.

I have created a “block”.  In this particular instance, working on a schedule that I’ve been trying to do for YEARS (it’s a 5 year history schedule).

Now, in my defense, let me just say that working on schedules is next to impossible unless you have a large chunk of uninterrupted timeThis, (chunk of uninterrupted time when I’m not brain-fried), is something I have not experienced in many years.  Thus, the reason I’m not getting very far.  Like trying to do road work when you are constantly threatened by massive electrical storms. . .

So, let’s add a couple more “elements” to this scenario:

  • kids need to be cared for
  • school needs to get done
  • dietary and health requirements need to be met
  • cleaning the house. . . (joy of all joys!)
  • emotional well-being of family members. . .
  • all the other stuff I don’t care to mention, or detail

Remember, there is only one open “lane”.  Like only having 1/2 of myself to work with all those other “elements”, if that makes sense.

Now, I could be a typical American (oh, this is so SAD! and another rant altogether) and blame it all on the other parties.  But the fact of the matter is, that I’m the one that put the “roadblock” up in the first place.



So, today, my goal is to “tear down” the road block.  At this point a few bumps in the road are far more desirable than a jam.


4 comments on “Roadblock

  1. Sunshine says:

    Sorry, I know that you are extremely frustrated at this point, but you have to know, that knowing how you sound when you would say something like this, had me over here laughing almost to the point of tears. Love ya! Hope everything works out the way you need it to! 😀

  2. Sunshine says:

    HA! I just read this to dh, and even HE just said you’re a good writer (and it takes a LOT to keep his attention when reading).

  3. corefoundations says:

    Maybe, it’s not that I’m such a good writer, as much as you are a good reader.

    Or maybe he just likes the sound of your voice. . .

  4. Sunshine says:

    Oh, just own it already would ya?! And no, it’s not that he likes the sound of my voice (or he wouldn’t cringe so much when I call his name). 😉

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