I’ve got my Schedules page back online.  I believe I have all my currently finished schedules on there, and the links are working properly.

If they aren’t please let me know!

Oh, I don’t have art or music schedules up yet. . . and I’m sure I’ll remember some others that aren’t there. . .

Hopefully, this is helpful to some.  Feel free to share a link to the page with others. . .

But please don’t claim the work as your own

(Since some goober started copying my blog awhile back, I’m a bit paranoid. . . )


It’s funny, as I now have a “Cover My Rear” folder. . .

Except, the word “Rear” is a bloggy substitute for the shorter word that is actually in the file’s name. . .

‘cuz, I was in the military and learned all sorts of things. . .

like you keep all sorts of paperwork,

and you always have such a folder when you undertake something that someone might try to bite you in the “rear” for.

So, I have a “CMR” folder, of all the lovely people and companies that have given me permission to post my schedules. 

I should probably write them thank-you notes. . .


bit of Ed-u-ma-cation:

Lunar Eclipse saved Christopher Columbus


One comment on “Ta-Da!

  1. Sunshine says:

    You never told me that some goober was copying your blog!? BAD GOOBER!

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