Good Morning!

I’m up bright and early this a.m. in order to exercise.

Can I just say it’s not “bright” outside, however?

At this point I’m “warming up” with a cup of coffee, and ummmm, some finger exercises.

Yep, don’t want to break in too quickly. I’ve heard exercise can kill you if you don’t warm up properly.

I’m feeling pretty darn good today.

I got all my schedules up on the blog yesterday, and they all appear to be working. And you know what?  When I see them listed out like that, it seems like I’ve got a ton of them done (which means, not so many more to do!)

Then, Tyler asked me to play ping-pong with him, and I told him that I couldn’t at the moment because I had to do some work.

He piped up and said,

“I hate that you have so much work to do.  But, Mom, I sure do appreciate that you are doing it for us.”

(Yes, I’m tearing up whilst typing it.)

That bears repeating! My 13 yo told me he APPRECIATES me! 

I was sure I would not hear those words cross any of their lips till they were gone and married, with children of their own. 

Oh, those words are going to live in my memory for a L-O-N-G time!

Drew seems to be coming out of his despair. . .

No wait, I think it was his rebellion, my despair.

Anyway, we’ve been noticing him behaving more like the child we once knew and loved instead of “Mr. Sulky”.  Yesterday, he was in fine form playing games with Mikhail and even making ginger cookies with Garrett.

I even got a hug from him and TWO “thank-you”s yesterday!!!

That would be thank-you’s that are above the typical “thank you for passing the peas” kind of deal.

So, I’m on cloud nine. . .


OH! and I went and checked out Homeschool TopSites. 

I got ratings!  5 star ratings!


I don’t know who did it or why, but thank you!

Lifted a gal’s spirit just so you know.


There’s a website:

You can take a photo of yourself and upload it there, and then “try-on” different hair-dos.

My hair comes mid-back and I’m thinking of cutting it late spring. 

I was thinking of donating it to Locks of Love. . .

I have a LOT of hair. . . not so much in length, but it’s incredibly thick, and healthy (2 years without a hair cut and still no split ends).  If I braid it in the morning after a shower, it’s still wet at night when I take out the braid.


I figure it will be a massive change to get a haircut, and if I’m going short I want to have an idea that I’ll look “okay” with the new “do”.  (At least, so I’m not crying over the loss of my hair for a few weeks days afterwards.) 

They have a few “free” hairstyles you can try on.  Or you can pay to try on all the different dos. . .

I went for free (of course).  Didn’t find anything I liked (OF COURSE).

Anyway, there is this one free hairstyle you can “try on” that looks like a 40s style hairdo. (Maybe earlier. . . I’m thinking World War “do” but can’t quite determine which war I’m thinking of).

I tried it on, for fun. . .

Deleted that puppy mighty quick! 

I looked JUST LIKE my paternal grandmother!  EXACTLY!

Thus, the impetus to start exercising again.  (She was quite heavy.)

Jay was laughing when I told him later, while cutting his hair.  Yet, later on he asked me if I could show him so he could be “prepared”.

Actually, I think he said, “So, I can determine whether or not to ‘abandon ship’.”

He did not see the picture. . . OBVIOUSLY!

So, I’m on my second cup of coffee, and I’m probably about as “warmed-up” as I’ll ever be. . .

May as well go start. . .


2 comments on “Morning!

  1. Getting up early is always a challenge–but if you are like my wife–she has to get up early before the morning rush starts with the kids. Remember that the hardest week is next week in getting on a schedule for exercising. Good Luck!

  2. Sunshine says:

    OMGosh! I was laughing so hard over here! Great job on the boys being well…..not like boys for two seconds?

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