Two thoughts / stories

Is anyone else in the mood for a love story?

I am.

Oh, and not because it’s nearing Valentine’s Day.

because I had forgotten all about that holiday

But, just because, sometimes we all just need to read a love story.

Am I right?


How about, “is it school” (or some such title)?

That’s another topic that’s striking near to my heart this week.  I feel the need to “speak” on that. . .

Not a rant, mind you, just thoughts. . .maybe even nicely organized.


Yes, well neither is going to happen right now, as we’ve early morning appointments today.

Which also means I won’t be able to exercise this a.m.  I’ll have to try to get to it later in the day.  Which is not good, as I’ll come up with something else to occupy my time.  I’ll give it an honest go, though.


I received a phone call yesterday, from the district’s homeschool office.

Where we live the district is allowed encouraged to review our records up to 3 times a year. 

Unless we pay to be part of an “umbrella”.

And I’m cheap frugal. . .

But they have never called us before.

Now, I have an appt to go on Sat. for a review. . .

BLECHJay says this is what happens when you go talk to the Senate. . .

To top it off, I had a case of “can’t shut my mouth” on the phone with the man.

Quick review:  Drew – 15yo-10th grade; Tyler 13 yo-7th grade; Garrett 6 yo – K and Mikhail 5 yo-Pre-K.  (Garrett and Mikhail both just had birthdays.)  As far as the school system is concerned Mikhail “doesn’t count”.

So, the man calls, tells me who he is, what he wants etc.

Then says, “So, I’ll bring by the paperwork for Garrett later on.”

“Just Garrett?” says I.

Pause. . .”Umm, you have more than 1 child?”

“I have 4.”

“And you homeschool them all?!”  (he actually squeaked!)

Yes. . .”

“Someone else must have received the others paperwork. . . .Tell you what I’ll go ahead and do them all.  Now, I have Garrett as 7th grade.”

. . . .

So, I had to get the man all straightened out.  Meanwhile fussing at myself the whole while about getting my foot in my mouth and having to review all the boys. . .


Yet, there’s a silver lining to this “cloud”. 

While I’m anal retentive meticulous about the older boys’ paperwork, this does not hold true for the younger two.

They are in “kindergarten” after all!  My idea of kindergarten is mostly having fun and learning “the digits of our language” (ABCs and 123s).  That’s what Drew calls it.

So, my paperwork for them is almost nil.

My plan is therefore to wow him with the older two first and then kind of throw out the younger boys’ stuff as an afterthought while his head is still spinning.

I need to get the boys’ paperwork all together though. . .

My tummy is already “stretching” for it’s gymnastics routine it preforms for anything my brain considers “stressful” though. . .


One comment on “Two thoughts / stories

  1. Sharon says:

    Oh. My. I would already be doing bathroom runs; nerves would be a mess! Guess this should motivate me to get organized! Hmmm, maybe later….

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