trying to pull it together

Okay, I now have a fair idea about how I’m going to do this school review.

I mean, aside from throwing a complete tantrum.

I went to the homeschool office’s web site (for our school district); they want at least 1 month worth of samples (that’s the most they’ll get).

In fact, for the little guy’s, I’m just pulling stuff here and there. . . I don’t even think it will add up to a months worth of “work”.  But, 80% of their “work” is verbal.  The other 20% is mostly art related, with a smattering of a few math worksheets and alphabet pages (that I created for them to do with each letter).  Additionally, a lot of what they get are going to be “works in progress”. 

The boys’ are doing a “year notebook”  (seasons, months, holidays, and days of the week); that started in Jan.  So, all we have for that is a few holidays, 2 months and, one season.

They are also working on a body folder.  We will probably be done with 3 of 8 sections.  At least, I think it’s 8. . . skin, skeletal, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, nervous, senses. . . Oh, and muscular!  Yep, 8 sections.

I could really pull the full year thus far for the older two. . . but, why?  That’s a lot of paperwork, and paperwork is heavy. . .and I have to take this to the library.  AND, I’m thinking the poor reviewer will appreciate “short and sweet”, as I’m his last 3 appts. of the day.

Oh, but I have to put together our field trip pages.  This is going to take some doing as I need to go through and select the photos and pull them together onto a nicely presented page for each trip. . .

Actually, I’m a bit grateful for this review.  I’ve been meaning to do the field trip pages for ages and ages, and kept putting it off.

So, that’s the plan.  I’ll be buried in paperwork the next couple of days, so I may or may not post on here.  Maybe I’ll share some pictures of stuff. . .

However, right now, I’m off to exercise.


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