Mr(s). Grump

Ah, yesterday wasn’t a pleasant one.

I felt my voice “lifted” many times.

And none of the instances in a manner that would be considered particularly pleasant.

Tyler got caught lying to me, again, about getting school work done.  (He hates doing grammar worksheets, he needs the extra work, so I give it to him. . .and he’d been telling me they were done; they weren’t.)

Then, the little guys both awoke just after 0530 yesterday.  (FYI, Jay and I arise well before 5, and he’s gone before 0530, so it’s not as if they are awaking me.)

This is actually not unusual.  Normally, one or the other wakes up around that time.  But, generally, I can get them back to bed and to sleep.

Yet, when it’s both of them (they sleep in the same room), and you tell them to go back to bed. . .

They twitter. . .and chatter. . . and you’re thinking to yourself, “if they wake up the older two I’m going to have a houseful of cranks”.

So you call them down, sit them each to a couch with a pillow and blanket,

and they know they “won” this battle.

I kept them so busy yesterday, they didn’t realize how tired they were till Jay was home. 

However, even though they didn’t realize it, their bodies did and their tempers grew rather shorter througout the day.

Drew, poor kid, had instances of poor timing. . . .

Jay called mid-day to tell me he had to run an errand at Home Depot on the way home.  (He had to special order some screens to go with the new windows he’s going to install this spring/summer.)

He brought home this huge bagful of candy too, for “days such as {yesterday}”.


Last night I found out that my brother may or may not be flying out this weekend (arriving either this evening or tomorrow morning).  He’s supposed to email me and let me know for sure one way or the other. . .

I have not cleaned anything other than “hotspots” this week. . .

and to be perfectly honest, they had to be “semi-volcanic” to hit the radar.

Thus, today, on top of all the paperwork I need to do, I’ll be cleaning the entire house as well.

I’m trying to decide if cleaning house will count as exercise.

The sad thing is, in order for the house to get clean, the entire crew needs to pitch in.

Which almost always requires a “drill sergeant” tactic.  Oh, my kids are going to “love” me!


This paperwork for the review is a joke!  (in a not so funny way)

Now, according to the law we have to prove we “provide thorough and regular instruction to our students, similar to what they would receive in public instruction.”

Well, I guess our district thought to make it easy for us, and gave us a form to fill out, with all the “subjects” listed out.  This form takes up 3 pages.

My responses take up ~ 6 lines. . .

In my defence the first page + are all “subjects” related to our language:   (in order as they have them)

  • Reading
  • Language Arts
  • English (High School Students)
  • Handwriting
  • Spelling
  • Composition
  • Literature

So, for Tyler and Garrett, I have “Lang. Arts” filled out, and for Drew, “English”.  The rest say, “see above”.

Oh, and THEN, we are supposed to fill out what we use for instruction in each subject.

Easy-Peasy for the older two.  Garrett’s has “various rescources” listed under everything but math.  Other than RightStart math, I use at least 10-20 new and different books EACH WEEK!  (We had 7 on fires this week; 3 on electricity. . .can’t recall what else, but you get the idea.)

So, looking at this form, I’d say I was doing pathetic.

Which is really sad, as I like to believe I “look good” on paper.

I’m bringing schedules!


I got 3 of 6 field trip pages done yesterday.  It’s one page per child for each trip.  It always takes longer than I expect, so I had better get moving on the last 3.


One comment on “Mr(s). Grump

  1. Sharon says:

    Ugh comes to mind on the review. Ugh.

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