Red Pen

Do you know, I actually found my favorite red pen.

Yes, I do have one.

Yep, these are the pens!  Love ’em.  In fact, I’ve discovered my whole family loves them, as the darn things are constantly dissappearing!

Similar to “Army pens”  (actually any service — they all buy the same ones).  You, who have served, all know the pens I speak of. . .And you don’t take them because you like them, but because someone snagged yours and you need a replacement.

Like bikes in Amsterdam. . .

Anyway, my red pen is about the only one that is “sacred”.  Generally, no one else has a need for red, or “fears” the pen.  😉

Except for the little guys, to whom it is just another pen of great quality and a lovely red color.

But, I did find my pen (buried in Mikhail’s desk), and to my great dismay, I’m noticing it’s almost out of ink.  Bummer.


We got a package of “Triops“. 

Actually, I “won” it as a door prize at the workshop I attended in Jan.

The boys have been egging me about starting the, er, eggs.  So, we finally did.

However, it really wasn’t the right conditions for it.  Our house isn’t kept between 75-83 degrees in the winter, (– wouldn’t that be lovely!) and there isn’t enough sun. . .

Add to that the fact that the kittens were determined to believe that this was a fantastic new water dish. . .

But, 3 eggs hatched yesterday.  That’s really saying something. . .

They are all dead now though.

The kittens just overturned the fishbowl.

I’m hoping the kids (little guys) won’t notice; otherwise, we will probably have to hold a “funeral”. . .and I really don’t have time for that today.


My brother wrote an email yesterday saying that he wouldn’t be able to make it out after all.

Probably just as well, as I hadn’t even begun cleaning anything by dinner time. . .

Still, it’s a shame, as we all enjoy spending time with him.


I got a question yesterday, that kind of tickled my funny bone.

Not so much the question, but the “results”.

Garrett and Mikhail were talking amongst themselves about dying and going to Heaven.  Mikhail was a bit concerned about where they would live once in Heaven, and Garrett was explaining that God would give him a place to live, and if there wasn’t a place available, God would make a new house for them.

But, then Mikhail suddenly mentioned that Heaven was “way up in the sky” and how would they keep from falling down?

I told them that once up there, God would ensure that they could not fall down.

Garrett pipes up and says, “COOL!  God will give us super-powers that will make us be able to fly so we can’t fall down!”

See, I just didn’t know that!


For any of you, that know me, or have spent any amount of time reading my blog, you realize what I’m doing at this moment, right?

Yes, I’m truly procrastinating.

And it’s not like I’m “almost ready” for this review today.  Nope, I feel far from it.

In fact, I still haven’t even touched hands on Drew’s work; so I’m hoping praying that he’s gotten it all done, like he said he had.

Can I just say, that there’s one thing I truly despise about this whole review process.

I feel inferior.

I just “know” that they will tell me I’m royally messing up my kids and their futures.

And that’s even with the feeling that I truly believe I’m doing the best thing for them!

It’s no wonder I walk around daily feeling “dazed and confused”, now is it?

I’m dreading this afternoon. . .

But, I had better get off now, and prepare for it anyway.

Like one prepares for a firing squad.

Too bad I don’t smoke. . .and given the gymnastics my stomach is preforming, a “last meal”, or first one for that matter, would not necessarily be a wise move.

UPDATED:  Jay has just said that he’ll go to this review with me.  Rather, he’s going to the location with me (it’s at a library).  He’ll study while I’m at the review.  But, I tell you, it makes me feel so much better that he’ll just be there!


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