I’m having a rough time of it!  I thought, we’d take Mon. off school as Jay had off, but it’s just killing me to get back in the groove.

Doesn’t help that Mikhail had some wacky tummy bug. . .and today (since we couldn’t get out on Mon. or Tues. due to Mikhails upheaving stomach) I have at least a day’s worth of errands to run.

Nuts, I can’t recall what I was going to talk about, and I’m out of time anyway. . .

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One comment on “oooph

  1. Sunshine says:

    Love the signature! That was me yesterday and the day before. Out running to get done all I had to do from coming back home and while I still had the car. Good luck to you today! Ooh! And now I’m all caught up! 😉 (On your blog that is.)

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