Introductions, take 2

Okay, as I was saying last night, Jay and I don’t recall our first introduction.

In fact, after discussing it further, we determined that we were never officially introduced to each other.

But, we do recall our first encounter. . .

albeit very differently.

His memory of it is very skewed.

You know, you always hear in the Army about BASIC training (boot camp), but that is actually only your initial training.  Then you move on to your AIT (is it still called that? It stands for Advanced Individual Training — never got the “individual” part. . .).  You still have drill sergeants in that. . .generally.

However, way back when, our AIT was all awry.  We went to BASIC, then on to part 1 of our AIT (without drill sergeants and with a lot of freedom), then followed on to part 2 with drill sergeants again!  That was a shock to the system, as we’d been without drill sergeants for almost 2 years.  (Ours was a very LONG AIT.)

Anyway, part 1 was at a location affectionately referred to as the “Defense Love Institute” (hereafter referred to as DLI).  (Named as such due to the high number of marriages that ocurred there amongst military members.  Our AIT, part 2, had “divorce” in it’s moniker.)  It was there, DLI, that Jay and I met.

Now, to keep us new recruits from going totally wild, they implemented a 3 week “phase” period.  So, for the first 3 weeks there you were under curfew and restrictions, not allowed to leave post (unless you were doing PT runs with your group), and could only wear the uniform at all times.  In your “off” time you could wear the stylish PT uniform. . .

After the 3 weeks you were free to do as you pleased in your free time.

I arrived almost exactly 3 weeks prior to Jay.  In fact, I had just gotten off “phase” and he had just been informed as to what “phase” was.

My best friend, and I had gone into town. . .for no reason other than to say we did.

This was Sep. ’89.  (It’s an interesting time line. . . )

We had just been dropped off in front of our company, and we walking up the sidewalk, and noticed Jay standing there looking at something.  (It was probably a map to the barracks.)

We were still new.  Only having been there 3 weeks, we still did not know everyone in our company.  Our company was very large and we had new people arriving every day, which added to the difficulty.

This is where the stories differ. . .

According to Jay, I walked up to him and pronounced that I was just off-phase and how-do-you-do.

The man was obviously still rattled from BASIC!  I can not even begin to imagine myself saying such a thing to ANYONE!

All I recall saying was, “Hi,” and possibly, “Are you new?”

It was at this point he opened his mouth and said. . . something.  I honestly don’t recall what the man said.  Yet, I do know this. . .whatever came out of his mouth that day made me firmly determined that I wanted nothing to do with him ever!

That was it, our first meeting; it took all of maybe 2 minutes.  I never even got his name.  My friend and I were so shocked and apalled at whatever his response was we immediately left the area.


I have discovered a bit of a “problem” with Drew.

The kid is moving too quickly.

He’s starting things that I had planned for his 11th grade year (he’s in 10th, officially).  At the rate he’s going he’ll “graduate” around Easter next year.

I know the colleges around here have a seminar that they normally give sometime in the spring on how to obtain dual credit (which he’d need for English).  I need to find out when the next one is.  I guess I need to talk to him about possibly starting college classes next spring as well.

Assuming he wants to go to college.

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One comment on “Introductions, take 2

  1. Sunshine says:

    This story cracks me up! I remember you telling it to me before, but it’s STILL just as funny the second time around! Yeah, for those of you that don’t know Christine, she can be painfully shy at times, so I don’t see Jay’s story happening, unless she has that Jekyl and Hyde thing going! 😉

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