double up, pricing

Well, humphh!

I spent an hour typing a post last night, but as it wasn’t quite done and I was getting bleary-eyed, I stopped.

Only to wake up this morning and discover someone had either gotten on after I and inadvertantly deleted everything or, possibly the power went out. . .

Neither really makes sense though, as WordPress generally saves anything I’ve written in draft form as I’m writing it. . .but WP is not claiming any drafts. . .

I shall try again. . .


As I’ve said, our company was rather large and there were a lot of new people arriving daily.  Given that we were a company of trainees, each platoon had a full class (frequently 2-3) assigned to it.  However, class assignments were still being handed out so there was a lot of “movement” of trainees when I arrived.  This was true amongst not only platoon assignments, but room assignments as well.

I was fortunate enough to not have to change.  But, the first two months I went through a number of roommates before everything settled down and I had “the Jennifers” for my roommates.  (Remember, 3 per room — and I’m not joking, when the smoke finally cleared my roommates were both named Jennifer. . .We had at least 5 of them in our class, total.)

Anyway, at a particular point in Oct. of ’89, I somehow had only 1 roommate, and she was due to move out in a week (she was married and just living in the barracks till her phase ended). 

There was an earthquake. . .

You know, this other gal was from TX, and I from WV.  “Earthquakes” are things you read about in science class, not actually experience. . .

I kid you not, but she and I both believed it was some of the guys on our floor wrestling.  It would not be the first time we felt the floor tremor from their antics.

But, upon looking out in the hall we discovered no men going at it. . .So, back in our room to ponder what could be causing all the shaking. . .

Then, there was a commotion outside and we saw a number of girls that we had gone through BASIC with running outside, screaming, with their arms folded above their heads.

What kind of wacky Army drill was this???!

As we started identifying the girls running out, we noticed one common denominator; they were all from CA.

And, ya know, we finally “got it”. 

Yep.  And about that time the earthquake itself had stopped.

It was odd some of the stories that came afterwards amongst our fellows.  Some who had been running or driving cars, hadn’t even realized anything was amiss.  Others, especially those in the dining hall, were much more aware.

I tell you, I found the aftershocks a bit more disconcerting than the actual quake.  Only because by this time I was “in the know”.

I got put on a clean-up detail for that as well. . .


Nov. of that year was “bad”.  My boyfriend had just PCSed (moved) to the second part of AIT.  For that Thanksgiving, I dined on a snack bag of potato chips. . .

Because I can’t stand to eat in public “by myself”.  It has something to do with how shy I am.  (My definition of shy, not Jay’s.)

I can count, on two whole fingers, the number of times I’ve eaten in public by myself.  It’s one number I don’t plan on increasing. . .


You know, amongst homeschoolers, there is a large resell market.  Which caused me to think of this particular topic.

(This applies to anyone who resells their stuff though.)

I am not a good “marketer”.  I would not make oodles of money on Ebay selling stuff.

However, there are a number of products that you can buy in incredibly good shape through resale. . .

But, I do NOT get how these people price.

And there’s a fundamental reason for that.

My idea of pricing for resale, is to take the original product price that you paid, deduct from it the value you feel you recieved, then mark that price.  In my mind, that’s “fair”.

I look at some of the prices some are charging for their used stuff, and I’m thinking I’d rather fork forth the dough for the new!  Some people seem to have a standard, “mark 20% off the new price to resale”.

I just don’t get it!

Anyway, as I say, marketing is not my thing. . .I think this is something that drives Jay nuts. . .But, that’s okay, ‘cuz I go nuts every time I see the 80% people  with their price tags. . .



I can’t believe I forgot to write this!

The doctor’s office called yesterday and informed me that the insurance had contacted them and told them that they (the insurance) would not cover speech therapy for Garrett.

Go ahead, ask me why. . .





Because, “The public schools offer services to those who need it.”



One comment on “double up, pricing

  1. Sunshine says:

    That’s when you “oh so nicely” inform them, NOT IN THIS STATE! So sorry about that girlie!

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