I have to tell you, I’m more than a bit upset.

I’m trying to “get over it”. . .not succeeding very well.

Last night I received a phone call from a Congressman‘s office.  This is in regards to the bill that the House put forth concurrent to the Senate bill to allow homeschooled kids to receive special ed. services.

They asked me to come testify again. . .

After I got off the phone I immediately went through waves of nausea. . .and when I wasn’t in the midst of those waves, I went through periods of crying.

I DO NOT want to put myself through this again!  I truly can’t imagine a greater personal. . .”hot place”.

So, I asked Jay what he was doing that day, at work, and he said something to the effect of “just working”.

Then, I asked if he would go and testify, so I wouldn’t have to, and I explained my reasons why.

His answers went something like this (not necessarily in this order. . .until the last statement):

“I have to go to work.” (or was it, “I can’t take off from work.” ?)

“I’m working to ‘support’ him.”

“I think you should see this through to the end.”  (followed by the ever popular, “It’ll be good for you.”)

“If you want, I’ll go down there and provide you with moral support.”

Now, we JUST found out at the end of last week that our insurance is refusing to provide coverage for his speech. . .so, I’m all ready feeling I’m fighting a losing battle on two fronts. . .

AND last I checked this was OUR child, so I don’t know why this fight has to be all on me.  (They are all “ours” — just wanted to clarify in case someone thought otherwise.)

AND he generally doesn’t have issues talking in front of others!

ooooooh, I’m feeling sick again.


2 comments on “peeved

  1. Sharon says:

    Deep breath! You can do this!!!! Maybe Jay feels you would do a better job sharing how important this is!

  2. Sunshine says:

    I know you don’t want to do this. That being said, you know how important this is for your two children and every other child in their same situation to know this is a battle that IS worth fighting, even if it means entering your personal panic zone to do so. I’ll be praying for you, I know it’s hard. I also know YOU can do it! 🙂

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