I know many of you will find this shocking, but I actually don’t really have anything to say today. . .

This congressional hearing is tormenting me (and I still haven’t made a decision as to whether to go or just send in a written testimony).

Drew has  been driving me batty as the last couple of days he’s been discussing his theories of nuclear power (how to get a higher “yield”).  And he says he doesn’t want a scientific field for a career. . . (My eyes glaze over within just a couple of sentences, but I nod and smile. . .)

There’s something to be said for the power of “a nod and a smile”.


Oh, wait!  There is something I wanted to talk about!

I don’t have to, but I know a few homeschoolers that have to provide a “scope and sequence” for their homeschool “stuff”.

I’ve seen a number of scope and sequences and it’s always appeared to be a very daunting task to create one.

And they are always quite impressive looking.

So impressive, in fact, that I feel like a failure every time I look at one.

Well, as it happens, I found a scope and sequence for a series of books I own.  So, I decided to truly “analyze” this. . .

I was looking at a 7 year (K-6) scope and sequence (S&S) and I have all 7 year “course books” at my fingertips.

They LIE!

Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  What they do, is mislead you.

For example:

Each of the 7 years, according to the S&S, you go over the elements of art.  (There are 7 elements.)  However, if you go through the course books, you actually only cover 3 of the 7 elements, throughout the 7 years!

See, they didn’t “lie” in the S&S;  yet, you won’t actually KNOW the elements of art if you follow the course books (unless you truly supplement).

It was like that across the board (all subjects). . .

I found that disconcerting, so I went to another program I own (public school science books), that lists their scope and sequence in the front.

Again, the S&S was misleading!

Oh, and you may not be a homeschooler and so you are thinking, “What do I care?”

Well, let me give you one good reason why you should care.  If you were to call your school board up and ask them what your child is learning in school. . .guess what they would give you?!

The Scope and Sequence!

And had you not read my little blog post here, you would have blindly looked at this fancy chart and been impressed.

Why is it that some people feel the need to “fluff”?  And more importantly, why are we so willing to accept the fluff???

Oh, and you know another thing?

Out of those 7 years of books (under the subject heading of “US history”), Columbus was mentioned 5 times.  Native Americans. . .4.  Approximately the same number of pages devoted to each overall.  Let’s see, Columbus who never actually set foot on US soil and is but one man, to hundreds of distinct Native American tribes. . .

(Don’t misunderstand me, Columbus most certainly deserves mention. . .I’d just stick him under “World History”.)


It’s a good thing I didn’t have much to say today, hmm?

PS  Here’s an article that makes you say, “hmmm”. (about high schoolers “knowledge”)


2 comments on “hum-de-dum

  1. Sunshine says:

    Didn’t read the article yet, but will. Yep, good thing you didn’t have anything to say huh? 😉 I detest fluff! 😦

  2. Sunshine says:

    Ooh! Ooh! I know! I know! Maybe just like in “Pirates of the Caribbean” the S & S isn’t so much as rules or a code, but more like “Guidelines”? LOL! 😉

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