I have a couple of things going on this week. . .It was supposed to be a nice relaxing week!  We were just doing 3 days of school this week, I didn’t have any outside appointments. . .

I should be grateful I set it up so “easy”. . .

We are now working at the church on Tues. to help prep for the annual “spring festival” (which we won’t be going to as we have other plans) — because the poor lady in charge says no-one signed up. . .and I know all to well what it’s like being the “poor lady in charge” when no-one signs up to help.

I have to write the congressional aide for, regardless of whether or not I go speak, I still need to submit a written testimony and I need to find out the format for that.

I need to write this one company I just “discovered”.  They appear to have books to teach your child a foreign language from elementary THROUGH high school.  (Most publishers do one or the other ~ 2 years at either end.  Latin, a “dead” language, is actually the exception to that rule.)  I would like, and my younger two are begging for me to, start Spanish with them but actually go through high school with it.  (The idea of them being able to watch a Spanish channel or read a novel in Spanish is highly appealing to me!)   

Anyway, this particular company *looks* as if I could do that. . .their web site is a bit “confusing” though (too much to take in all at once).

I would like to start piano with the younger guys as well. . .I either need to “just do it” and bumble through, or I need to take some of my “free time” this week and figure out a good methodology.

“Finally”, (at least all I can think of on just one cup of coffee thus far) I need to create tests for Drew’s Am. Gov’t course.  For some reason I had completely blocked out forgotten that I need to create them and his first test is supposed to be next week!

Thinkwell, has multiple choice questions on their site for most sections; however, I want to create a chapter test that has questions that, you know, actually require thought and demonstrate knowledge (not a “good guesser” quiz).

Jay has his first test tonight (Anatomy and Physiology 1). . .His instructor is Dutch (don’t know how long he’s been in country).  Anyway, his instructor gave them some sample questions last week, and Jay was telling me how hard they were compared to the questions normally given by professor.  (He was wondering if this was typical of European instruction?)  Anyway, Jay said the questions threw everyone for a loop as they weren’t the typical “name the three bones in the ear” type questions.  It will be interesting to hear his take on it tonight. . .

OH, and yesterday, my older kids rode their bikes with some friends over to a shopping center! (They wanted to go to “GameStop” as Drew had a gift card there and everyone else had money burning holes in their pockets.)  You all should be terribly proud of me!  We live in a city, and I’ve never let them ride bikes outside of the neighboorhood.  Technically, I didn’t this time either, as I told them to ask Jay because I couldn’t bring myself to say “yes” and I knew he probably would.  But, they went and survived!  I think they even enjoyed it!

For reasons I can’t quite understand or explain, the thought of them riding bikes in the city is far more hideous than the thought that my oldest is almost ready to start driving. . .

 I guess I should get started on my “easy” week, before it slips away from me.


2 comments on “Ooof

  1. Kathy says:

    I’ve tagged you for an Excellent Award. Thanks so much for all you graciously share with homeschoolers! When you have a moment please see the details at my blog.

  2. Sunshine says:

    Omgosh! So glad it’s an “easy” week then! 😉 Good for the older two (I’m right with ya though, I wouldn’t have been able to bring myself to say yes either.)

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