That’s the sound of a spring just so you know. . .  (I also think it’s an example of onomatopoeia.)

As in, don’t forget to “spring” your clocks forward today.

And, I have to say that though it’s cold outside, I’m feeling like Spring is arriving on slow, unsteady steps.

Like she’s attempting to walk on 5 inch stiletto heels. . . and she’s 4 years old. . .

We had a terrific storm last night!

Our neighbor, kitty-corner from us, had 2 trees topple over.  He was terribly fortunate in that they fall at a slant, for if they had fallen straight they would have certainly crushed his house.  (Very tall trees!)  In fact, though, I believe his house sustained minimal damage.  The biggest cost will be in removal of the trees.  He wasn’t even home, and he always gets home late and goes in the back way.  Jay and I are betting he’s going to be in for a horrific surprise when we awakes this a.m. and looks out his front windows.  (He’s a single man about our age.)

 Also, the storm dropped a line (probably power) as well (just one street over).  Jay saw that while walking the dog.  The firetrucks were on the scene ensuring no one got close.  We didn’t lose power. . .  But, we did lose internet for a bit.


I just got a link to a site that references a study.  (I need to find the actual study. . .and I definately do, as it seems quite interesting.)

Anyway, it was a study of homeschoolers and seems to compare a number of things.  (Homeschoolers v. public schoolers, homeschoolers – new v. homeschoolers – old, etc.)  I wanna read it.

Oh, but it was saying that homeschoolers with less than 2 years under their belt didn’t fair as well as those with more than 2 years.  And then something about a cumulative effect. . .

I should probably find the study!

I will later today, but don’t have a lot of time to go hunting now.

But, it kind of goes along with what I was telling Jay last night.  I was telling him that I feel I’ve become a more effective and knowledgeable teacher over the years.

And I don’t feel guilty about that statement.  Because I think most teachers (good ones) would say that about themselves, regardless of where they teach or if they have a teaching degree.

Oh. . .okay, I couldn’t wait.  It’s a book, (the study), but there’s an article (summary) here.  It’s full of pretty graphs, but I have to get ready for church and can’t really take the time to read and digest it right now. 

If you get a chance, tell me what you thought of it.


NOW THIS IS AN INTERESTING CHART given “today’s news”!


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