I was “rebuked” for not posting!  Here I am trying to get my nose and throbbing brain back to normal size, for they felt as if they had surely quadrupled, and I’m asked when I’m going to post again!

Luckily, I’m feeling better, I mean, aside from the headache.

Coherent thoughts though, may be too much to ask for. . .


I don’t know what it is about this place, but I can’t seem to get my library books back in time!  I like to accrue all my required trips in a location and then go and do them all at once.  Problem is, the library is right by where we do all our shopping, and I’ve been trying not to shop. . .So, the only thing we’ve “accrued” is fines. . .

Today, I’ll have to run those books back. . .I really don’t have a need to purchase anything, but I’ll stop by a store to look for some stuff, just so I don’t feel guilty about going to a single place, ya know.


This almost sounds like a bad joke, or email. . .

Yesterday, we ran to the commissary.  I had to use the restroom once we got there, so after strict instructions to the boys (littles) about behaving, I went inside.

Only to find that someone had left a BM “surprise” in one of the toilets.

There were two older ladies in there going on about how utterly disgusting that was that someone didn’t take the time to flush after themselves. . . and on and on. . .

I flushed it, and somehow it was no longer worthy of conversation.


There was a “cocky chica” in the store yesterday.  I really don’t know anything about her, except that based on her cart (and attitude) I’m guessing she’s single (and quite sure that she’s “God’s gift” to man. . .).

She’s one of those people that just randomly goes through the store, stops her cart in the middle of the aisle and stands blocking the entire lane with her hands on her hips, as if demanding you pay close attention to her. . .

It was actually one of those times when you appreciate having young children who still don’t understand the standards of decorum.  Especially when they ask you, rather loudly,

“Why is that lady taking up the whole way Mommy?  Why is she so rude?”

Yep, gotta love ’em!


The Congressional hearing was this week, but due to the fact that I was ill I didn’t go.  I did turn in my written testimony however.  The Senate has passed the concurrent bill unanimously, so it’s up to the House (again).  Last year it just sat in the House, with no vote.

However, had I gone to the hearing, I would have missed out being “white knight” to Jay.  His van-pool broke down en-route back from work, and he called and asked me to come get them.  Thankfully, the van-pool was only 1/2 full (it seats 15), so everyone was able to fit in the Mommy-Mobile.


I had a dream the other night about shaving my legs. . .

I did not say this posting would be sane!

Anyway, in my dream, I had shaved, and then put on shorts (or a bathing suit? I don’t know, just that I went out in public with my legs exposed).

Apparently, I had missed an entire “strip”, and while I had only been shaving stubble, apparently afterward the hair had a major growth spurt. . .

So, I was out and about with like column of 2-3 inch hair going the length of my leg. . .


I bet you can guess what I did the following morning!

Not that it’s anywhere warm enough to go around exposing my legs, but ya know. . .


There was a robbery last night. . .directly across the street.  Apparently, this is becoming a fairly lucrative “tactic”. . .

So, someone calls a delivery place (pizza, chinese, what have ya), and generally asks for a delivery to a “vacant” address.  (What they assume is vacant. . .)

Sometimes, they actually break into the house, and recieve the delivery dude as if all is normal, then rob him. . .

Last night they chose a house where the owner has odd hours.

She’s a cop (and her husband, a police officer as well, is also NG and currently deployed).

Except last night she was home, with her infant daughter.

She’s a bit mad at herself right now, as she says she should have realized what was up right away.

However, the delivery man got to her door and knocked, causing her dog to go beserk and her to get upset because she had just got her daughter down.  She told the man to go away, but he was insistant that he had a delivery. . .

Then, she realized what was probably up, and grabbed her gun.

But it was too late, the poor delivery guy got thumped on the head and the hooligans ran off.

Tyler got a glimpse of them from his window as they ran off (because we have street lights on our corners and we are a corner house, further proof that criminals are idiots). . .

Man, I just love city life. . .


I actually have an idea / theme  to post, but this has gotten rather long, and I need to start my day.  I may get on later to post it.


One comment on “Babble

  1. Sunshine says:

    Hysterical! Scary part, I was able to track no problem!

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