A bit of a gripe first. . .

Mikhail has a nasty cough.  I was awake till almost 4 a.m. due to it. 

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a terribly light sleeper.

So, this morning, when the little guys awoke, I asked Jay if he would let me sleep in.  (I usually let him sleep in.)

He lay there for ’bout 2 extra minutes!  Mikhail just hacking away in the other room.  Then, Jay finally gets out of bed, goes and talks to Mikhail, then comes in and talks to me!

Thus it is, that I’m awake, more than a bit tired, and slightly grumpy.  However, I’m trying to get over it.


I had an idea of something I wanted to type. . .

Ah yes, being humbled.

This is a daily occurrence for me.  I really wish it wasn’t

It’s all due to the fact we homeschool; because, before we homeschooled I was rather brilliant.  😉 

Drew is beyond any math level I obtained, even in college.  He still asks for my help, and I think the only way I ever help him is by my bumbling through the problem he catches his own mistake. 

I learn something new in History all the time. . .and it’s not like History is a frequently updated subject!

My kiddoes frequently hear, “Oh, THAT is so COOL!” — from me!

Or, “Oh, now that makes sense!”  (18 years later. . .particularly in science)

I used to feel horrible about this.  I felt like such a failure.  How could I possibly teach my kids when I didn’t know?

There’s this wonderful group of homeschoolers around me now, and their mothers are “older” (and by this, I mean, not new homeschoolers — they have teens, and have been doing this awhile).  We were discussing this the other day, and all of them said the same thing!  They are learning so much through teaching their children.

And they say their kids give them the same wacky look when they say something is cool.

I see so many holes in my education. . . I wonder how many I may be leaving in my childrens’.  To be truthful, I don’t believe it’s possible to NOT leave holes.  There is just too much to cover.  Like trying to cram all the web’s contents into one’s brain.

So, I have to decide which “holes” are acceptable, and which aren’t.

Now, that’s daunting!

But, there is one thing I’ve determined.  It’s not the holes you leave or the things you know. . .it’s the ability to “learn”, (to think, to research, to reason / analyze, to theorize, to conclude).  If I were to not succeed in teaching them these things, then I would certainly be a failure.

I have to accept that my children will leave home and at some later date, they will be heard saying to their kids, “Oh, how AWESOME is that!”

And it warms my heart to know that my grandchildren will grace them with the same look my children give me.


In that vein, Drew was talking to me yesterday about a study he’d seen regarding STDs in teens.  He gave me the stat that was on that study (apparently, he’d just seen a factoid — not the actual study) that 1 in 4 teens have STDs.

Oh, LOVE this kid

“However, Mom, they didn’t say the sample size, or what country this study was in, or. . . ”


Tyler was reading a history text about the Boston Tea Party.

“Mom, you and I need to write a history book for the little guys so they don’t get all this dumb information.”


“Well, in this picture, they show them throwing tea leaves in the bay, when in fact it was pressed tea leaves (forming bricks) that were in crates that were thrown in, and the book text has it wrong too.  You don’t want the little guys learning this junk, do you?  Oh, and don’t get me started on the Boston Massacre. . .”

“I’ll help you write it, Mom.  I’ll do the research. . .”

LOVE that guy too!


I am working on a book this weekend.  I need to get it finished.

No, Mom, it’s not the “great American novel”.

I’m making a texture book for a baby gift.  I’ve got everything I need (I hope), I just need to assemble it. . .


4 comments on “Humbled

  1. Sunshine says:

    Okay. I was just reading this to my friend, and she LOVED it! I also paused long enough to say, “And this from the woman who thinks she shouldn’t write a book”. And my friend said, “Oh, but she HAS to!” So see, it’s NOT just me! You are a riot, and your writing is always highly entertaining. So I say again, “Have you MET your life lately?” Hope lil’ man’s feeling better soon, and you get some MUCH deserved rest! (Take the hint, Jay, let her get a nap.)

  2. Farrah says:

    Homeschooling is AWESOME! I love it! And one of the things I’m looking forward to is learning some history along with my son! It was one of my worst subjects, and I got straight A’s in it. I memorized all the names and dates in short term memory and forgot it all after the tests. So my son will be hearing, “That’s so cool!” A lot. Hee-hee! I think he likes it when he sees me get excited about a subject. He’s only 8, so we have lots more learning ahead of us. We’ll do it together and have fun doing it!

    Thanks for the baklava link!

  3. Farrah says:

    PS I love the pic in your title bar! It’s very interesting! And I hope everyone over there is feeling top notch soon!

  4. Sarah F says:

    Totally understand about the learning something new all the time. There are definately going to be holes. You are right the biggest problem is not necessarily that there are going to be holes, but can they fill those holes without someone else giving them the information, and do they want to fill those holes…and I’m with Sunshine…write the book. You would sell at least 3 copies.

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