Cranky — updated.

Okay. . .

After 2 hours, in the comfort of my own home, obtaining the necessary sticker shock. . .

After 6 hours of labor. . .

transferring files via thumb drive between the two computers (in case I broke one). . .

23 screws. . .

and one that went missing. . .

I finally got the laptop CD drive working again.  It had dislodged from its “plug” in the motherboard.

Now, the desktop is a whole ‘nuther story!

Apparently, it’s a female, and menopausal to boot.

I believe it suffered a “hot flash” and just couldn’t think straight, but is now “right as rain”.

Doesn’t it just annoy the pants off you when you don’t know what was wrong or what you did to fix it?

Yep, I’m sitting here in my skivvies as I type. . .


Egads. . .computer work makes me nutty. . .

I need a break.

(And, thank you very much, but I’m fully clothed!)


One comment on “Cranky — updated.

  1. Sunshine says:

    Yep, sounds like computer work makes you just as loopy as it does me! 😀 Glad you got it all worked out though!

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