Proposal and a wedding.

#2 of final 3. . .

I left off in the middle of May.  Jay and I had been dating the whole of 6 weeks.

 Forever. . .

We were in class together, in the same platoon, on the same barracks floor.  He was my “tutor”.

See, the Army likes to assign you such things. . .

In fact, the “Army” has sayings.  (Some “bright” chap came up with them and they carry forward.)

One of the more common that you will hear is, “If the Army wanted you to have a ‘wife’, they would have assigned you one.”

Yes, I’ve had that one used on me before. . .(substituting husband instead of wife). . .imagine his surprise. . .I’m getting ahead of myself.

We discussed marriage, and thereupon went out and bought rings.  After the rings were bought we called our folks from a pay phone, in the center of the shopping area. . .

We should each probably have told them that we were no longer seeing our previous boyfriend / girlfriend beforehand. . .

Jay took me out afterwards to a park.  And there, while I sat on a rock facing the trees under a lamp post, and he on his knee facing the ocean, he proposed to me.

Because, you see, I don’t like the ocean, and he finds it a thing of beauty, so we each had each other within a perfect backdrop for a memory. . .

Not my picture, but it is the place.

We went out for Italian after that. . .not a good dinner, but I can’t say the night was spoiled.

The original plan was a “long” engagement.

We held out for 2 weeks.  (Yes, I did say WEEKS.)

There was a reason for the speed though!  Honest!  We had heard in order for all the paperwork required to go through to get joint assignments, you needed to give the Army at least 6 months.  We gave it 9, just to be sure.

We were married on Memorial Day weekend (the Sat. of it).  The original plan was to drive out on Friday, and get married on Sat.  However, Jay’s car started making funny noises, and we couldn’t get a mechanic to fix it on Friday.  Yet, when one mechanic heard why we were in such a rush, he told us that while he couldn’t get to it that day, he opened on Sat. and he would open an extra 2 hours early to fit us in.  (The car needed a brake job.)

We awoke early Sat. morning to begin our adventure together.   As we were getting into the car, Jay’s two room-mates came out and started singing “Going to the chapel” to us.   

That’s something that will be hard for me to forget. . .


 Jay was telling us last night that the Brigade commander issued a “dissapointment” statement.  He’s dissappointed in the lack of participation in non-mandatory events.  We are at a strategic post, this commander has always been tactical. . .suffice it to say, they are two very different cultures.

Anyway, Jay found this out through the commander (company). . .Jay started laughing and told the CO that it’s a really good thing that the Brigade CO has never met me!  (Jay is still amazed that I had the gall to write the last brigade commander’s wife and asked to be taking off the spouse’s coffee list.)

Our internet is really iffy at the moment, so I need to get this posted.



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