One would think, that the wedding would surely end this tale of mine. . .but there is one last bit I would like to include.

We “eloped” if it wasn’t obvious in the previous post.  There was no time to plan a wedding, nor money.  The only one to attend was a classmate who was there as witness.

A “wedding” was promised for a later date, as I had always dreamed of one. . .

The Tuesday of the following week found us back in the work routine and the schoolhouse.  Our platoon sergeant had been on vacation the week before and did not know that we had gotten married and was mightily surprised when he was informed.

I remember, distinctly, walking into my classroom a bit late (as the platoon sergeant had us come to his office after PT to start the paperwork).  On the white board were various time designations:

3 days

6 days

6 weeks

4 months. . .

The longest period of time was 4 months.  And I was to discover that those were the “bets” as to how long our marriage would last.

We were married in 1990.  The year 2000 found us back at this training post, with Jay as the platoon sergeant, and us with 2 beautiful sons.

We renewed our vows there; for the first time in 10 years our families finally met each other. (Some of them had met previously, but not all of them.)

Jay and I didn’t have a “song” when we dated.  There was never a “this is our song”.

However, at our renewal of vows, in a church just down from the schoolhouse, the song, “You’re Still the One” by Shania Twain was sung. . .


Just so you know, I made my own dress!  I’m still impressed with that feat.  (We shan’t mention the glue involved, shall we?)

I’m prepping for our Spring Break today, so I need to get moving.


2 comments on “Finale

  1. Sunshine says:

    OMG! You made that dress! You go! I was just going to say that I loved it! The fact that you made it is just that much more impressive! ‘Specially to this girl who can’t sew to save her life!

  2. pars2go says:

    such a beautiful couple!

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