Blog Fodder

A dear friend of mine eyes are now going to be buggin’ out of her head at that title. . .

But, let’s keep her in suspense, shall we?!


A Fishing Tale

A couple of years ago we went fishing with my folks.  We rented a pontoon, and went out trolling on the lake.  Really, it was the little guys feeding the fish, and the elders were in charge of baiting the hooks.  Mom and I were just enjoying life.

This was a rather large lake, with all those great little coves at different areas you can go into.  We did the whole circumference.

At one point the younger guys were tired of feeding the fish, so their poles were being passed around to see if any of the elders could catch a fish with Batman or Spiderman.  (High-speed poles, certainly have super-heroes in bright colors imposed upon them.)

We had made it into a nice little bay, and at this point Jay had Garrett’s pole.  We were all just chatting and enjoying the day, when I happened to notice that Jay had gone silent.

This is not typical of my man, so I started peering at him intently.

He had a deer in the headlights look, and a perfect “O” shape formed of his lips. . .looking intently into the lake’s depths.

“Honey, ” said I, “what did you do?”

And then I noticed something wasn’t where it should have been. . .

For you see, my dear husband had not cast a line, as one would suppose when one goes fishing; rather he cast the entire pole!

And that tale is now part of our family history, and not one he’s likely to hear the end of any time soon.


Now, you see, if you are a blogger, such as myself (there are different types / styles of bloggers), you take events from life and throw them out there for the world to see.  Everything is up for grabs.  I wake up daily wondering what on Earth I shall write about on this day. 

There are times, when I will find something truly funny, and the next thing I hear is Jay saying that I “may not use this in [my] blog!”

And you see, I respect that. . .it’s not my fault he utterly forgot to tell me I can’t post things from times past. . .

But, everything is thought of as, “Will this work as a blog post?”  ‘cuz I’m desperate for topics. . .

I get topics from others outside my family.  Sometimes it’s from email groups or homeschool forums.  Maybe not even directly related to anything they said, but my mind takes a leap.

Sometimes it’s from friends. . .

Now you see, I have this one dear friend, that I chat with nearly daily.  Actually, we are quite addicted to enjoy playing internet pool.  We revel in talking smack chatting to each other.  And, quite frequently, I get ideas while talking with her.  Again, sometimes it’s directly related, and others it’s just some wacky leap of imagination.

Now, even if it’s direct, I never mention her name, nor enough information for even a super-detective to glean her identity.  (I can’t help it if she occassionally posts a comment and owns up to it!)  So, I don’t see this as a problem. . .

But she’s been fussing at me recently for using her for “blog fodder”.


Do ya wanna know today’s “fodder”????

Oh, I know, it’s just killing you isn’t it!

Sadly, I forgot what it was because so much has happened between now and then.


I think there was a game show once called, “The Weakest Link” . . .right?  (I’m not a game show person, so I don’t really know, but I seem to recall commercials where someone was screaming “You’re the weakest link!”)

Well, as stated, I don’t know about the game show. . .but I did take business classes.  Learned all sorts of boring things like Pert diagrams and such.  (I’m truly impressed I remember “Pert”.)

One of the things we discussed was efficiency, and assembly lines, etc.  There’s a point where you simply can not improve your turn-out speed. . . There’s also a “weakest link” in any line.  The stumbling block that can get everything backed up.

Okay, so two days ago, I went on about my revelation that others, aside from me, frequently feel inadequateYesterday, I discussed how I was fighting myself, in the fact that I was “pretending” I’m not a scheduler and need to live by “order”. . .

Today, I’ve come to realize that all too often (and I will only be discussing MYself, here), I am my own weakest link!



Oh, and my Mom would appreciate knowing this:

All the pants that Mikhail fit into just fine last week, are suddenly 1-2 inches too short!

I tell ya, my kids behave as if they’ve been given “Feed-N-Grow” all the time!


2 comments on “Blog Fodder

  1. Sunshine says:

    You are one funny chica! Hope you know this! 🙂

  2. Sarah F. says:

    That is one phrase often used around the nursery at my church. Someone does something stupid and you hear a chorus of “Blog Fodder.”

    Keep feeding the mill lady, I’ll keep reading.

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