Wedding dresses


Business First:  I know I still have yet to put up the PDF LL files. . .that will be done today.


Okay, this was my wedding “dress”:

Nice, hmmmm?

Yes, well, when you elope, you make due with what you have.

The only item of that entire ensamble that I still own in the broach.  Oh, no wait, scratch that.  I was thinking it was the silver broach I still own / treasure, but no. . . this was a cheapy $3 dealy I found, I think, at Claire’s.

Okay, for those of you that follow this blog faithfully (all 3 of you), you will recall that for our 10 year anniversary we had a renewal of vows ceremony.  (This was a story told in parts:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10.)  And at that ceremony we did the whole “wedding” fun.

And I made my own dress:


Much better, don’t you agree?

I kept the dress. . .because, honestly, I was hoping to be blessed with a daughter to pass it on to.

Didn’t happen.

Anyway, a good (young) friend of mine, Nicole, is planning to get married (is, in fact, engaged); and she asked if she could try on my gown (she’s truly impressed that I made it).

So, I said sure and she came to try it on, and it FIT!  This surprises me as she’s 3 inches taller than I so, I thought it would be too short. . .

And it looked GOOD on her. . .

And she left. . .

But then, it ocurred to me that this would be a great blog topic, which is why you now have to suffer through.

Now, in order to blog about it well, I called her back, and made her try it on again, so I could take a picture.

She looked beautiful.  In fact, I believe that should she borrow it, on her wedding day she will appear most radiant.  (And the bummer is, she may look better in it than I did — just sayin’. . .) 

This whole thing has brought forth some strange. . .feelings.

My mother and grandmother helped me sew bits and pieces of the dress, hemming, attaching bits of lace.  I don’t think I will ever depart with the gown (permanently) for that reason alone.  I mean, if it was my own daughter, that would be one of the main reasons to pass it down. . .and maybe she could have added something to it. . .

Yet, no daughter. . .maybe, in the future, a daughter-in-law?

I always meant to have the dress preserved, but it never happened.  Instead, it has traveled with us for the last 8 years (=4 moves = 3 countries. . .).  Thrown in boxes, tossed in the back of closets.

When I pulled it out the first time for her to try on, I noticed a “blemish”, a spot of dirt. . . I don’t know how it got there.  I’m quite sure it would wash out.  But, I have to say I was a bit “hurt” by that, maybe even “angered”.  (Thinking about how the poor dress has been treated however, this is just silly.)

Upon closer inspection, I found more little blemishes.  For example, it’s been in the WAY back of our current closet, which was made out of particle board, and there are bits of that board now stuck in the lace (easily removed with tweezers and some time).

OH!  And remember how I’m always talking about being the queen procrastinator?  Yes, well, I was working on this dress up to about 2 hours before our renewal ceremony, and in a last ditch effort to get it done. . .GLUE was used!  I can still show you where. . .

Blemishes on my gown! (grrr!)

But you know, thinking on it a bit more. . .blemishes aren’t a bad thing. 

I happen to love my marriage, and many “blemishes” have ocurred within it during the years. . .it’s better / stronger for it.  And each “blemish” on our marriage is part of the story of our life. . .  Wouldn’t trade in a single one, for with each blemish recieved so many blessings have been bestowed. 

Still thinking the gown needs to be cleaned though.


Nicole still hasn’t found “her” dress though.  She’s found a number she likes (maybe mine included?) but each one lacks something. . .

I told her (spur of the moment, ‘cuz we all know I don’t think things through), that I would make her a dress if she found a pattern not too complicated.  (And I would, ‘cuz I’ve adopted her as a surrogate daughter. . .)

(I’m adding this bit warily, as I know she and her mom are going to read this, so here’s my caveat: know that this in all honesty, but that regardless of any decision made I will not be offended or hurt.)

I have visions of her, and her mother and I working on this dress together, and then her having a legacy to pass to her daughter. . .

‘Course, as well as she knows me, she’s probably seriously taking into account the “Christine procrastination factor”.

Which reminds me. . .


I want to add one other picture, this one of my most beautiful grandmother. 

It is my favorite picture of us together.

I’m adding it, because I’ve decided that I want to tell some stories tomorrow, and those two smiley faces you see above will be the main characters.

3 comments on “Wedding dresses

  1. I too got married in my “Sunday Clothes”. I did save them… but didn’t “preserve” them. Hmmm… wonder what state they are in. I’d have to lose 50 pounds before I’d want to put on a wedding dress.

    You look beautiful in yours b.t.w. It’s perfect for YOU… don’t give it away.

    Can’t wait to read the rest of the story.

  2. "Elena H" says:

    Cute! You are much more sentimental than I ever imagined! I can’t believe how little I know about computers. This composition thing is cool. I love reading it and looking at your pictures. And my daughter is on it. I feel famous! And that signature of yours. You are something. Can’t wait to see more…Oh and by the way, I got married in my prom dress.

  3. Sunshine says:

    Yeah Elana. She comes off all straight-and-narrow and efficient and then just under the surface, there’s that big pile of mush and goo that is Christine’s heart! 😀 Love her for it too! 😀

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