This and That

Hmmm, I’m really hurting for something to talk about today!

Let’s see. . .it’s official, Tyler is now 1/4 inch taller than Drew (the eldest son).  Drew is taking it all in stride, and in big brother fashion keeps giving Tyler “impossible” tasks saying, “You’re a quarter inch taller so you should be able to. . .”

Drew asked me just two nights ago if I feel I have an “ultimate purpose / goal” in life.

I shocked the socks off him when I answered, “Yes.”

When he asked what it was I told him it was raising him and his brothers.

“That’s it???  That’s your whole purpose in life?”
“That’s the best you could come up with?”
Can you think of anything more worthy of my time?”
Silence. . .
“Well, what are you going to do when we all leave the house.”
Something else.  But, there’s little likelihood it will be as worthy.”

He ended the conversation there, but I can still see him pondering it. . .It’s a different look in his eye.

OH!  and Drew was just full of “Aha” moments this weekend.

“Mom, do girls really think differently than boys?”
“And are they always so much more serious, than guys?”
Yes, honey, girls cease finding farts funny.”
“Mo-ahm!  Why?  But, I mean, why do they think differently?”

Mikhail asked me to post a picture on here for all to see.

Yesterday, he finally finished his “horsey” stitch-work, and he’s so PROUD of himself.  Can you tell?


The bill that was causing me so much stress has sat, apparently quite contentedly, in the House.  So for the second year they successfully “killed” it.

That would mean that I should start making phone calls tomorrow and start the “fight” with the insurance company because,

“We will not provide coverage for speech therapy, as it is the responsibility of the local school systems.”

Yes, well, evidently no one told the schools that.

The mere thought of having to “fight” for this again (and the whole “pass-off” deal that insurance companies are notorious for), just makes me “weary”.

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2 comments on “This and That

  1. Sarah F. says:

    When they leave the house you will still have a very high calling…helping with the Grandchildren. My Mother says she has discovered that you are never finished parenting/guiding your children; you simply guide them differently through the different times of their lives. I know I am glad she doesn’t think that she is finished, because I am constantly calling for advice. Praise God for Godly Mothers.

  2. Sunshine says:

    Love that Drew is now having to ponder the things that are worthwhile in life! 😉

    As for the Bill, now would also be a good time to organize other homeschooling mothers to help with the bill next year.

    Also, what I did, and this is just ME, I watched my son’s speech and OT intensely before taking him out of school. Then just did with him at home what they did there. Don’t know if you could try that or not (as I don’t know what they do with your son in Speech). HTH! 😀

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