The – flogging – coming soon

I was reading a book yesterday.

It informed me that when “we” read “t-h-e” “we” pronounce it as “thuh” in front of consonants, and “thee” in front of vowels.

AHEM, I pronounce it “thuh” all the time. . .

However, I’m teaching “thuh” younger kids phonics. . .and “uh” is not a sound of “E”!

Oh, just don’t even get me started!  I constantly sit here and wonder why I bother teaching anything in English as there are innumerable exceptions to every “rule”.

I have pondered teaching “thuh” boys to pronounce “t-h-e” as “thee”, but then, they would sound like complete dweebs, wouldn’t they?  Not to mention, it would be pointless as they would soon enough realize no-one speaks that way. . .


I have spent the last week or so doing a lot of “soul searching”.

That is such a positive spin on “mental flogging”; which is infinitely a more accurate description of the whole, entire process.

I don’t know why I do this to myself.  I suppose it is meant to illicit change. . .but “change” is very hard.  And frequently there are many things to change.  I can’t change them all at once. . .

Oh, and one of the things I’d like to improve on is my inability to prioritize.

mmm-hmmm You guessed it!  I can’t determine which item on my self-improvement list I should bother changing first.

And, thus, my list looks remarkably similar everytime I partake in this particular exercise.

Talk about futile!


Oh, I’ve been bitten by the “story” bug again.  I’ve yet to determine a title or if it will be a single post or multiples, but I do have a topic.

Anyway, today will be spent outdoors enjoying the weather and doing yardwork.  The boys all avoid me when I’m doing yardwork (for fear of being “enlisted”, I suspect), so it’s the perfect time for me to ponder how to put this story together.

As for the topic, well you’d have to come back to see, as I’m not going to reveal it now. 😉


Oh, I just remembered something I wanted to share!

Mikhail, my 5yo, informed me last week that he wanted to marry a certain young lady of our aquaintance.

Now, it is not a good thing for a young man to inform his MOTHER that he’s in love with another.  Certainly, not before he hits his teenage years anyway, where she would be more than willing to entertain the idea of him going off to pester someone else.

However, the cat was let loose of the proverbial bag, and he’s yet to fully realize his mistake.

Yet, the Mom has seen the light, and everytime the lad starts acting up, the MOM mentions some young girl’s name (and possibly the fact that she would not want such a disagreeable man for her husband) and he straightens up right quick.

Ahh, first love!  I’m lovin’ it!

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2 comments on “The – flogging – coming soon

  1. Sunshine says:

    You really do need to stop being so hard on yourself all the time. How about taking some time to appreciate all you HAVE done (and I happen to know it’s a LOT), to help put things back into proper perspective.

  2. "Elena H" says:

    You can be sure that the devil likes to discourage you, his battlefield is your (my) brain. Ask God what he thinks is most important to work on.

    And that same technique you use on your 5 year old works well on my 17 year old.

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