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The kids did not scatter as I had supposed they would when I was doing the yard work.  Instead they saw fit to VOLUNTEER and help me!  Which involved a lot of chatter, so I couldn’t think and plan like I had hoped.  Thus, the story shall wait a bit.

Thursday, we were out most of the day doing yard work.  I admit to you I feel somewhat guilty.  One of the things that caused us to fall in love with this house was it’s established yard.  Beautiful crape myrtles, lilacs, azaleas. . .a gorgeous hedge, nice trees. . .a massive grape vine.

And I’ve been hacking away ever since we moved hereI figure by year 5, our yard will look like I imagine it should.

We are starting our 3rd summer here.  So far, in the last 2 days, I’ve completely cut down 3 bushes and pruned 3 of the 4 lilacs back (again).  I figure in 2 more years I will have the lilacs “perfect”. 

I had to remove the rhododendron.  Hated doing that because they can be so pretty; however it was so sick there was just no recovery for it.  Yet, there’s hope, as I managed to get a cutting that has taken root, and I’m hoping will survive.

I also managed to rid the yard of 2 of the remaining 3 “stupid” bushes.  Yep, that there is a high and mighty technical term.

We have (had) these 3 bushes that were just planted “willy-nilly” (for the most part), all scraggly, no flowers. . .just ugly.  For the life of me, I’ve been unable to determine why the two I cut down were ever planted and why they were placed where they were.  The third one, that is remaining this year, has a purpose.  It is concealing an easy “break-in” point to our home, and if the concealing weren’t enough the massive thorns on it certainly cause us to give it a wide berth. 

I especially despise this bush; yet, it won’t leave until Jay gets around to fixing that part of the house. . .He promised me yesterday it will be fixed next spring.  So the ugly, stupid bush remains till then.

Anway, I “cut” down two of them.  One, I honestly cut (with saw).  The other, was more of a break apart dealy as it was essentially dead and old rotted wood.

Would you believe Jay fussed at me for taking out the dead one!  He told me he liked it!  He’s nuts.  It was planted in the wackiest place, and was one of those that “weep” and take up an immense amount of space.  And it was DEAD!

This fall I will have to cut back at least one myrtle (it’s overtaking some power lines), and trim the grape vine.  I do hesitate to do that though, as I’ve come to realize that the darn thing produces a ton of grapes when it’s properly pruned. . .Oh, and I need to have Jay prune the walnut tree and possibly talk him into ridding us of the holly. . .The holly is either a tree (series of them), or a bush gone seriously out of control.

I have a feeling that the holly will cause marital issues though, which is why I’ve been putting it off.  I find it an ugly eyesore, but I’m guessing Jay won’t want to cut it.  I do have plans to replace it though!  It’s not as if I’m going to leave the space barren.

So, today, I’ve got to rake up the dead twigs and such that remain, trim the last lilac, and then pack up all the wood into rubbish bags for trash collection.

The boys have told me they need a break from helping me, so I may possibly get some alone time today to think.


Jay is working on his garage today / this week.  He’s taking leave this week, and his goal is to get one door on. . .

I have to tell you this story.  His sister and mom find it funny and tell it to me frequently. . .

When Jay was too young to remember, his Mom went into a closet to get something out.  She was unable to find it, but knew it should certainly be in there.  Eight hours later she emerged from the closet and declared it “clean”.  (She also completely forgot whatever it was she went in there for.)

I think they like to tell me this story, just so I can understand some of what “makes up” Jay.

For Jay started on this project (to add a garage door) back in Jan, of this year.  Since starting, he has added a new middle support beam with footer (between 2 “doors”), completely replace the foundation on the far side, jacked up the wall on the far side (for it was about an inch too low) and is today placing in the new support beams for the far side’s wall.  His hope for this week, is to get the new (far side) door in.  (He’s replacing the near side door too, but doesn’t believe he’ll get to it this week.)

The floor of the garage is to be completely redone too (thankfully, though, he’s contracted that work out).

What I find most interesting is Jay completely fusses about “all he’s got to do”.  Mind you, I’ve yet to pull out my “honey-do” list!  “All he has to do” is stuff that he comes up with ALL on his own.

My “honey-do” list may actually come out in about 2-3 years.  Until then, I have to wait for him to finish the garage.


2 comments on “not yet

  1. Sunshine says:

    Yes, and by that time, it’ll be time to move again! 😉

  2. "Elena H" says:

    Tell Sunshine you are not moving again.

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