garden “chatter”

Can we just say that I despise weeding?!

(hmmm, obviously “we” can)

I know I haven’t written much this week, but I have good excuses!  Honest.

First of all, Sunday and Monday we had rain storms.  And for some insane reason my internet does not work during rain storms (. . .or high winds, possibly on gray days, and at other random times when it chooses to be fickle).

Then, I had those two LONG posts, that I felt sure made up for my absence.

Yesterday we went to the dentist.  I love our dentist office, they get all 5 of us (not Jay, as he goes through the military) in and out in an hour.  And they say lovely things like, “no cavities”.

Except yesterday, they said things like, “These two needs braces,” and “This one needs a palate expander,” and “This one needs sealants.”  *sigh* They lull you into a false sense of security. . .

So, my checkbook / savings aren’t happy campers right now, as I explained the whole situation in detail to them. . .you know so they wouldn’t suffer a major attack when the money starts to flow in massive quantities.  I’m considerate like that.

I told Jay too. . . not so sure that this will fend off an attack in him though.  Ever since I told him he’s been in the garage tearing walls down.  I figure smashing things with a sledge hammer is good therapy.

This morning I spent weeding.  My right index finger is swollen now, which is making typing a bit difficult.

However, as I was weeding, the kids did indeed scatter.  Maybe it was the allure of the tools that didn’t cause them to scatter last week?  Certainly, none of them chose to help me this morning when all I was using was my full body weight hands to pull out the bush-size straggly weeds in the flower beds.

So I was outside, with just my own thoughts to keep me company (always a dangerous thing).  I started pondering Drew’s remaining course work. . .and then a nasty idea hit me.  Drew is almost done!  And not “almost done” as in my baby will soon be graduating in a couple of years.  No!  It’s more like “Oh, my gosh, if he were to work dilligently this next year (which he does – something he gets from his father), he will be DONE a full year early!”

Yes, indeedy, you read that right.  I have a little master list of subjects I want the kids to cover before graduation, and Drew will be done with it NEXT YEAR!  (This child is not yet 16 for those who are wondering why I’m currently hyperventilating.)

I quickly went through and figured out how this could be possible. . .and it simply is.  Tyler won’t be done that early, nor do I believe will the younger two, but Drew, somehow, is almost done!  In fact, my master list has minimum requirements, and possible maximum achievements — and he’ll have completed the maximum achievements.

I believe that starting this coming school year Drew can take college classes for dual credit.  (I really need to find that out for sure.)  Maybe he could take a couple of classes there, and just slowly work on the remaining year’s worth of work I have for him, to spread it out more.

I’ve been thinking about the “Our Quilted Nation” idea as well.  A number of people, in the last week, have sent me emails of information that are incredibly useful.  (Thank you, ALL!)  In fact, it got me so excited I went out and bought an expanding file.  I think I shall have to “do” the course first. . .you know, in order to know what’s do-able.  I’m actually really looking forward to that. . .

. . .and that would be the topic (in a round about way) for tomorrow’s post.

However, I have to get off now and work on the Runkle geography schedule, so I can finish it!

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One comment on “garden “chatter”

  1. "Elena H" says:

    I think I’ll start leaving you little random notes at the end of these journal things…because it is fun. I did read this one too, just can’t think of anything profound to say.

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