Homeschool Immersion

I’m a bit late getting this out today.  My schedule is all off because Jay is home.  Not saying that’s a bad thing, just a reality.

We had the kittens declawed.  Jay insisted upon it.  Today I went to pick them back up.  Our new vet insists on a two-night stay.  Given what happened the last time a cat got declawed, this did not phase me a bit.  Jay is currently battling his sticker shock.  I did warn him at the complete expense of it all before I ever took them in and he still insisted upon it, but now that the time came to pay for it. . .he’s not happy.  (I find that WEIRD!)

Anyhoo. . .the kittens are very happy to be back home.  They look a bit “off”, because they have little “shirts” on.  They were each given a pain patch that will come off in 3 days; and a shirt was placed over it so they couldn’t rip it off.

I admit to being seriously tempted to put “Pooh” on one and “Fat Albert” on the other — maybe just dye them red and yellow.

Jay is almost done with his current garage project.  I’m looking forward to posting finished photos; however, I’ll post this one, just so you can see my man “in action”.  (  🙂  With that statement, I should have him on the deck drinking a beer, but alas, I hadn’t thought of that before I took pics.  I’m sure he would have been more than willing to “pose” for such a shot however!)


Well, as promised yesterday, I have a post topic for today.  I have to say I’m posting it a bit warily as a good friend wrote me last night saying she can’t wait to read this one, and I’m afraid I’m not going to be posting along the lines she was expecting. (Soon, m’dear, soon.)

I never intended to homeschool my kids.  Never once crossed my mind.  In fact, until shortly before starting I had never actually known such a thing existed.  Now, I run across young people that intend to homeschool their unborn children; or have graduated from their own home-school.

Anyway, yesterday I was talking about the Our Quilted Nation (OQN)project that I have taken upon myself to undertake.  (Like only a seriously deranged personality would do.)

I am truly looking forward to it, in actuality.  To the point that I’m seriously contemplating changing Tyler’s schedule so that he can be working on Am His. at the same time I am.  (I have him, at this point, starting in the 2009-2010 school “year”.)  To be perfectly honest, I think about doing this for then I wouldn’t feel guilty about studying a topic completely off of what everyone is doing.

I have learned so many things through homeschooling. . .some of them actually have to do with “school”.  😉

One thing that I have learned to be SO true is that my children learn so much more when I do everything with them.  When we become so immersed in a topic that it can hardly be seperated from “life”, that’s when the real learning occurs.

When you hear about learning languages, you almost always hear that the best way is through total immersion.  It seems to me that homeschool is a true learning immersion (can be).

This last year, I didn’t really go that route, and I’m regretting it — because it was less fun for me.


I have two young men in here that are talking smack to each other. . . making it terribly hard to concentrate.  They are just cracking each other up.  Weirdos.

So, I’m starting to put “OQN” together.  Rather at this point, I’m just still gathering & sorting material.  What would you like to see in the program?  Would you want to see it coming together?  (i.e. Should I do like a weekly segment on it’s coming together?)  Have any more information you want to share?

I need to get back to that geography schedule.  It’s giving me a hard time and I just need to conquer it and be done.



One comment on “Homeschool Immersion

  1. Kathy says:

    I would very much enjoy seeing some of OQN as you put it together. I’m stumped on what I might offer as you are wanting to keep it as free as possible. I’m the sort that likes to have loads of great books and my children like go-alongs (such as the Hands & Hearts history kits)…but still, I *love* American history and love your vision for OQN.

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