One small square

 One would think that a single square. . .well, it means nothing right?


Because a single square dealing with a certain cross-stitched stocking could make the difference in an entire column, or row. . .or worse, both.

Thankfully, this time it was simply one column.  So, after two hours spent trying to track down the single square, and then another 5 to correct all the stitch work that had been based on that square, I can now present you with this:

I’ve gotten two colors done.  (There are 45 to do.)

Not bad considering I ruined the first completed project, and my second try was on the wrong count-size of aida.  So, the third try (the “charmed one”), on May 1st is at this point.

There’s a couple of good things that came out of this.  First, since I had to buy a brand new kit, I’m able to mark up my old pattern.  (I have the new pattern “saved” in case I ever get it in my head to do this again. . .Which, if I do, all of you have been given permission to get one of those little zat guns, and zap some sembilance of sanity into meYou can bet my kids see a grand opportunity here!)

I don’t know if you can see it, but there’s lots of little blue lines in that pattern that *shouldn’t* be there, but are as I’m marking things through as I finish them.

The second thing, was that in order to find that bloomin’ square, I had to essentially quadruple count all my spaces, so the picture of the stitching above, is *perfect*.

And, it’s also 90% of the essential elements.  Which makes everything “easy” from here on out.

I know, everyone was hoping to not hear anything about this after I completed the first one, but (hopefully) you’ll just have to hear about it until 6 Dec. 2008.  I’ve decided that’s my deadline.  The day before my birthday I want to completely FINISH this stocking.


The whole “one small square” idea has been stuck with me, for it seems it applies to my life and not just my cross-stitch.

Do you know, that square was empty?  I mean the one in the stocking.  It was blank, a simple space, a void.

And that little tiny square completely threw off the rest of what I was attempting to acheive!  How aggravating!  An annoyance.  Something to ponder. . .


I’m about to do something I’ve never done before nor, necessarily, plan to do in the future.  However, I’ve noticed that at times when there seems to be an “empty square”, it’s good for me to regroup.  (Feel free to just skip this part, and read tomorrow’s post, about things without consequence. . .)

A lovely lady has asked us to share how we came to know Christ. . .

It was a telephone call. 

Or it was a dream. . .

I suspect it was both.

Oddly enough, based on the blog I just linked above, this happened in CA.  Jay was away (school, deployment, TDY???), and I kept having the strangest dreams.

A series of dreams, where the phone would ring and I would answer it only to get static, or at best some garbled message.  Each night, I would get another call.  Some nights the “reception” was better than others.

Have we gone over my complete lack of tact before???  I believe so (numerous times).

If people call and I can’t hear them, I tell them, “Sorry, but I can’t hear you,” and then hang up.  There’s no waiting for the caller to fiddle around and try their various “channel” buttons in an attempt to get clearer reception.  I figure if they want to talk to me, they’ll call back.

And this caller was persistent!  Nightly, I’d get one or two “calls”.

I was getting rather annoyed.

The final call came on a particular night that had been proceeded by a number of particularly rough days, and I was exhausted.  So exhausted, that I actually turned off my phone ringer.  (The real phone.)  And I went to sleep. . .

only to be awakened by the answering machine clicking on to take a message.  I couldn’t figure how to shut it off (unplugging it didn’t even enter my head).  And after the tone, all that came was static. . .


I fell asleep again, and again the machine picked up. . and again it was static.

A third time. . .This time, I had enough, and I had found the volume control on the machine, so I turned it way, WAY down, and back to sleep I went.

It clicked on again, but this time there was a message, that I could just barely hear.

It said, simply, “Christine, call the church.”

The next morning, when I woke up, I checked the machine. . .It took some doing, because for the longest time I couldn’t hear anything (not even the little beeps).  Then, I remembered to turn the volume up. . .there were no messages.

But it served as a “wake-up call” nonetheless, and was acted upon.


I tell you this, because that one, single, seemingly empty, square has been on my mind.  It’s import is not something to be dismissed, for it proved itself a pivot point to the whole construction of the stocking.

Here I sit, wondering if I have let yet another “square” of my life go unaccounted for.  Should I not take the time to find that space, and make it accountable?

(FYI — this was an insanely hard post to write; and I don’t know that I’ll have the courage to ever do such a thing again.  May we all pray that I not mess up on my stocking again!)


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4 comments on “One small square

  1. Okay. THAT was good!!!! A wake-up call.

    Thank you!

  2. "Elena H" says:

    So, did you call the church or not?

  3. corefoundations says:

    Definately called. See, I’m not terribly hard-headed after all!

  4. Sunshine says:

    WOW – how neat! Thanks for sharing this. Sunshine

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