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I’ve been thinking about how I run our school days.  Rather, the way I have them laid out by subject.

I’ve always done it the way it’s suggested, because the arguments for these methods of study are logical.

For example, we do math and English first, as our brains are “freshest” in the morning.  Then, history and science after lunch as these can be time intensive. . .or not so much, depending.

And finally art / music.  The logic for holding off art till last thing is that you won’t have to tell your child to quit, and art tends to be material / time intensive.

I have found that you can combine art & music quite well together (to an extent).

Most importantly, I do not put a subject on our schedule if I consider it “fluff”.

Which means that I consider art / music to be important courses. . .

Yet, if I were to drop a subject, what do you suspect it would be?  (on a regular basis!)

You would be correct if you guessed the art / music category.

Which means, that I am regulary failing to do something I feel is important enough to schedule!

Which comes down to “why”?

Well, that’s an incredibly easy answer.  Evaluators (those who look over what you do in school) don’t care if you do art and music, they care about math and science and English.

However, by not doing the arts, I am failing my children in a topic I deem “important” (at least on paper).

This is greatly concerning to me, that I’m dropping a subject based on other’s opinions.  But, I’ve come to decide that if I keep the schedule as it is, I’ll continually fail in this area.

So, I’m changing it.  Logic be damned.

We are going to start our school day with art and music.

I have to say here, that “logic” dictates that morning is the “freshest” for brain activity, I’ve noticed it takes a bit for my crew to be ready for English or math anyway.

And given the research on music and math abilities, wouldn’t it be a perfect segue to move from art/music to math?  (I think so.)

Don’t you think it would be a great way to start the day?  Knowing that you won’t ever have to face a test, or questions involving diagrams. . .

Plus, if I do it first thing in the a.m. I could prep for it the night before, and it’s less likely to get put off.

AND, because I know what the evaluators are looking for, it means I won’t be cutting out ANY subjects afterwards.

It has an added benefit that all art must be done on the table, which is where Tyler chooses to do his school work (and we can’t do art while Tyler is doing his work, according to him).  Tyler chooses to do the majority of his school work in the afternoon.

It also gives me more time in the afternoon, to do history and science.  That works for me.

I’m still prepping the next year’s schedule for the younger boys. . .and I’m procrastinating in doing it (in case you couldn’t tell).

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5 comments on “daily schedule

  1. Sarah F. says:

    Logic be hanged indeed!!! You will also get their brains moving earlier doing something that they see as fun, therefore making the transition to Math and English a little easier.

  2. Kathy says:

    My children would dearly love to do art or music first!
    I’m rethinking our schedule, too. Maybe we’ll toss in the creative stuff much earlier in the day.

  3. Sunshine says:

    I think it’s actually QUITE logical to do the art/music first. No pressure, and it does prep the brain to be more receptive to math and english (specially poetry). So rock on girlie! 😀

  4. dena says:

    ooo—Some real truths to be considered here.

  5. monkeyschool says:

    What do you do for art…and do you do it for the older ones too? I am one that gave up on art altogether this year as we were just ‘not getting to it’. Music right now is based on lessons but I would love to incorporate some composer and music history study next year for my DD….I haven’t the slightest idea what to do for art though….does knit and crochet count?

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