I think it’s an insidious plot

on the part of Jay!

Everytime he’s taken a week off, I wind up working outside WEEDING!

Yesterday was supposed to be shopping day, but NOooo, I wound up spending 2 hours at home depot, and then 5 outside weeding / mulching the front, small, flower bed.  (It’s finally done!)

I’m stiff all over!  My right hand is swollen, and my back is killing me. . .

Today, I’m going to be outside all day as well, getting our garden tilled and prepped.

The older boys helped out some yesterday in this area.

If I’m not dead at days end, I will get on and post pictures, and then get a grocery list together so I can finally buy food tomorrow

Oh, and by the way, Jay told me he was taking this week off so he could put in some new windows. . .Guess what he’s yet to start

That man is like a super-bouncy ball let loose, from a high powered rifle, in a small enclosed space!  He’s been doing a bazillion things this week. . .It’s all stuff that needs to be done, so I’m not “complaining” per se.  It’s just hard to keep up with him.

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One comment on “I think it’s an insidious plot

  1. Sunshine says:

    Hey, I like the quilt squares! As far as this post, good luck girlie! 😀 Sounds like ya might need it. 😉

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