Wanna play a game?

In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s do acronyms!

Here’s mine:

Over the

The rule is you can use “Mom”, “Mother”, “Mommy”, “Momma” or “Mum”, and it has to “be nice”.

Sorry, just don’t have it in me for a “bigger” (more poignant) post today.


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2 comments on “Wanna play a game?

  1. monkeyschool says:

    What a neat idea…sorry I didn’t see it before Mother’s Day. At this moment in time I feel it fits with “Mad Over Muffins”….I went to Dunkin Donuts to get one of those yummy triple chocolate muffins they came out with a couple of months ago (I was feeling a bit sappy the past few days and needed some chocolate) and they told me they discontinued them because there wasn’t enough demand in their trial period.

    Had I known it was a trial I would have been there every day for one…of course that would have meant I would be ‘Much Off Measurements’ right now and none of my clothes would fit….not that many do anymore.

    G calls me Mumfin now (she is Cookie and D is Munchkin – each after their favorites).

    Keep up the great posts….I have to start planning for next year soon….but now with the upcoming move I don’t really feel like starting something I can’t finish he he

  2. Sunshine says:


    As it seems that is my life these days. 😉

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