Can I just say I’m not keen on “Mother’s Day”.  I’m not keen on “Father’s Day” either. . .or much for any other “day”.  It’s really a simple reason why.  I don’t like the fact that a day has been set aside to recognize someone so important in your life.  Honestly, if you can’t think to do that on your own at least once throughout the year, then that’s a sad state of affairs, don’t you agree?

Anyway, I was happy with this Mother’s Day. . .and not because Jay took me out for lunch, or the little bags of kisses the boys made for me at church. (Although those were much enjoyed!)

Garrett was telling us that after they made bags of 3 kisses (Hershey) for their mothers, each child was given a kiss for themselves.  Except at his table a little girl didn’t get one (either someone grabbed 2 or the teacher miscounted).  Garrett saw the girl’s distress at not having one, but also realized she must be shy for she wasn’t telling the teacher her predicament. 

Garrett is a shy guy as well, so he wasn’t about to tell the teachers either.

Garrett felt horrible that this poor girl was without, so he passed her his kiss and told her she could have it.  He was so happy that she was able to whisper “thank-you” to him, even though he figured it must have been terribly hard for her.

Now THAT was a terrific mother’s day gift in my mind.  (And trust me, Garrett did not go kiss-less as I gave him one from my bag.)

Oh, and it was a situation such that this momma didn’t mind her 6 yo son sharing “kisses” with another girl. 😉


Yesterday, was gray, dreary, cold and RAINY.  LOTS and LOTS of rain.  Thus, no internet or phone. . .  Course, the only time I can get the fix-it people out here is when it’s bright and sunny, and nothing is wrong with either. . .

I’m trying to plan for next year’s school, and sadly, a lot of my planning required the internet.  So, although I had yesterday scheduled for planning, it’s now to today, and my entire week’s schedule is now blown.


The little guys have been given the opportunity to pick a “unit” to study.  For fun on top of their regular curricula.

Mikhail is set on studying about “farms” so we will do that first.  Garrett still isn’t sure how to go. . .he’s thinking “dinosaurs” or “transportation”.

Have you guys seen  They have a whole unit already laid out! (Farm Theme Unit)  Not that I will use everything in there, as I’ve found a number of other cool things, but there’s certainly stuff I can use there.  (And I ALWAYS forget it — the site — is available!)

Hands of a Child has a Down on the Farm lapbook; and Live and Learn Press has a Farm Animals lapbook that I plan to combine to make them work for us.

They are very excited to start, both the unit and school.  Somehow I will have to try and start today even though I didn’t get the planning done yesterday that I wanted to do.


Right now though, I need to get off and make phone calls.  The insurance gave me a 3 page list of “speech providers”.  I have 7 numbers remaining to call, and thus far absolutely no speech language providers for Garrett (and, soon to be added, Mikhail).  Most of their speech providers. . .well, actually most of the places, even though they claim to provide speech don’t actually do so, and the few that do are for elder adults (like those who have suffered a stroke).

This is driving me insane!

Oh, and there is some funky smell in my dining room.  Chemical. . .smells like Compound W, or something along those lines . . .I can’t track it down, but it’s giving me THE worst headache.


3 comments on “planning

  1. Sarah F. says:

    Too, sweet! I don’t think I would mind sharing those kisses either.

  2. Sunshine says:


    You done raised that boy right! 😀

  3. Momma Knows says:

    I hope you were able to find a speech therapist! We have been through 7 in the past 8 years, due to a program closing, then several that left to have babies, and an office closing, etc. It is frustrating to try and keep things consistent when there seems to be no such thing with the SLPs here.

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