It’s raining here, so I’m not going to write much, just hoping this goes through.

And to boot, everyone’s attitude in this family matches the weather!  It’d be one thing if it was just the attitude, but like rain, the ‘tudes are falling on others. . . (Yet today, unlike the rain which is currently falling in a gentle drizzle, the dispositions are “thunderous”.)

I think I’ll go grocery shopping today.  (How’s that for escape-ism?)


So, I was asked how my first ever homeschool convention went. . .

I shopped till I dropped, and that took all of one hour.  I was there 2 days!  Last year they had a great number of speakers that I truly wanted to listen to; this year there were only 2, and they were at the same time.  We arrived a bit too late to actually hear them.

There were a number of talks on how to raise “Godly daughters”. . .Strangely, none were given on how to raise “Godly sons”.  Is that like a “clue” or something???? 

Huh, you know on Mother’s Day at church the sermon was about “Godly women”.

Great, I’m the only female in my house, and all the advice everyone seems to want to give me is related to. . .me?  I’m feeling beat down.  (Joking!  The sermon was quite good, and I didn’t go to any of the talks on how to raise godly daughters.)

Anyway, I truly did enjoy spending time with my friends, and talking about school and choices, and family, and children, and character. . .

You know all the things that actually are encompassed in HOME-schooling (schooling only being a small percentage of that).

I did purchase one talk though (one I wanted to listen to).  It was called, “Help!  I’m married to a homeschooling Mom!”  Gotta love that title!

I bought it thinking Jay may appreciate it.  However, I listened to it first and honestly, I don’t know that I want him to listen to it.  Because if I give it to him, he’ll think I’m telling him he’s a failure, and these are the things he needs to do to correct it.

And the shame of it is, I don’t believe he’s a failure at all, but it would SURE be nice if he actually implemented some of the things that were suggested.  I just think that those suggestions are not items that naturally occur to him.

One of my friends asked to borrow it for her husband to listen to. . .it’ll be interesting to hear his take on it.


Okay, my internet is telling me, it’s fed up with the day, so I’m going to attempt to “publish” this.  I will try to get on later with a more “positive” posting. . .

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One comment on “blechy

  1. Sunshine says:

    I have my own take on that. I think it’s harder for our husband’s to be that ideal of a homeschooling dad. Military life is not like civilian life, making it sometimes IMPOSSIBLE to do most if not all the things suggested in those books. We sail on one lonely boat sister!

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